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9 Islamic Books You’ve Got To Read

9 Islamic Books You’ve Got To Read
By Mohammed Mirza

A library in a Muslim household is incomplete without a good collection of Islamic books. Here are some must-reads.

optimized-muhammad-story1. Muhammad, His Life Based on the Earliest Sources

Martin Lings
Based on Arabic sources of the eighth and ninth centuries, this book is immensely popular as the definitive biography of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in English.

optimized-miracles-of-the-quran2. The Unchallengeable Miracles of the Quran

Yusuf Al Hajj Ahmad
This book highlights some of the miracles mentioned in the Qur’an in a way that is relevant to readers coming from different backgrounds and presents the facts in an intellectual way.

optimized-medicine-of-the-prophet3. Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet

Imam Ibn Qayyim Al Jauziyah
Written over 600 years ago, this book is still relevant in today’s age. It highlights the guidance of the Prophet (PBUH) in dealing with a variety of health-related issues.

optimized-enjoy-your-life4. Enjoy Your Life

Dr. Muhammed Abd Al Rahaman Al Arifi
The book thought-provokingly uses incidents from the life of the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions to help you change or improve your perspective of life.

optimized-lost-islamic-history5. Lost Islamic History

Firas Alkhateeb
Lost Islamic History gracefully brings together the work of diverse people, geographies and kingdoms, all entwined into one narrative that begins with the Prophet (PBUH) and continues to the present day.

optimized-the-ideal-muslimah6. The Ideal Muslimah

Muhammad Ali Al Hashimi
From discussing the most trivial of matters to encouraging women to look at the bigger picture of their purpose in life, the book is a must-read for Muslim women from all different walks of life.

optimized-the-ideal-muslim7. The Ideal Muslim

Muhammad Ali Al Hashimi
The Muslim man has most excellent example in the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The book highlights the relationship an ideal Muslim man must have with his Lord, family, parents, relatives, friends and the community at large.

optimized-stories-of-the-prophets8. Stories of the Prophets

Ibn Kathir
The stories of the Prophets mentioned in the book are in a chorological order, and Qur’anic verses, hadiths or interpretations of renowned exegetes of Ibn Kathir’s time support all statements in it.

optimized-the-choice9. The Choice Vol. 1 and 2

Ahmed Deedat
Interesting for readers of different faiths, The Choice is written in a way similar to the authors on stage persona, the kind that will be informative yet entertaining at the same time.


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