8 Ways To Have A Green Wedding

Photo Credit: greencupboards.com Photo Credit: greencupboards.com

By Rayan Khayat

Weddings are always the perfect occasion for a joyfully extravagant celebration, and a great amount of energy and matter go into creating the scene the couple has idealized. Lavish decorations are set up, and a sublime feast must be prepared, all for a large number of invitees.

Unfortunately however, this could result in a lot of excess and waste. There’s the overabundance of food to consider, decoration items become unusable afterwards, and a high amount of electricity and power is used. So it’s definitely an occasion worth some environmental concern. If a couple and their families are committed to the cause, there are some multi-beneficial ways to care for the environment on their special day – it’s only a matter of making it part of the overall planning strategy.

This is a guide for the eco-friendly couple who wants to celebrate their marriage without forgetting to invite Mother Nature.

1. Inform The Organizers Of Your Intent

Ask them to keep the environment in mind each step of the way. You could also give someone the sole job of eco-supervising.

2. Keep Track Of Where Your Money Is Going

Weddings are costly so be sure that your money is going towards eco-friendly and ethical companies and services. This includes everything from supporting a caterer who uses locally grown foods and buying ethically mined jewelry.

3. Have It During The Day

This will help cut down on electricity. You can also use solar lanterns that continue to be lit towards the evening.

Photo Credit: wedmegood.com

Photo Credit: wedmegood.com

4. Use Locally-Grown Flowers

This will help the local industry and will help cut down on unnecessary shipping costs as well.

Photo Credit: livinginjeddah.com

Photo Credit: livinginjeddah.com

5. Reconsider Your Invitation Card

To minimize inevitably wasted paper, have a graphic designer create a creative and interactive online invitation. For guests who aren’t accustomed to the Internet, you could use a single sheet envelope-letter.

Photo Credit: karlandgina.com

Photo Credit: karlandgina.com

6. Donate The Leftovers

Ahead of time, choose an organization or impoverished area and deliver the rest of the food immediately after the wedding or early next morning. This way the food will remain as fresh as possible.
(Contact Fa’ed Ta’am for help donating your leftovers. Mob: +966554053053)

Photo Credit: gawker.com

Photo Credit: gawker.com

7. Reuse An Old Bridal Dress

Instead of making a whole new dress for yourself, consider using your mother’s or someone else’s and make the proper adjustments. Try using a designer who uses sustainable natural fabric.

Photo Credit: arabnews.com

Photo Credit: arabnews.com

8. Mention No Boxed Gifts On The Wedding Card

By doing this you won’t be receiving the same gift twice nor would you have to worry about the space problem a gift which is of no use to you creates.

Photo Credit: aliexpress.com

Photo Credit: aliexpress.com

Mawakeb Al-Ajer is a notable charity organization that offers a wide range of wedding decorations, dresses and a lot more. Check out their selection and donate your items for someone else’s special day. For more information you can call: 0552412167 or e-mail at mawakebalajer@hotmail.com

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