5 Pretty Notebooks that will Get You Excited for School

There’s nothing like window shopping on Amazon especially if it is for stationery!

We browsed the notebooks and found 5 ultra-pretty ones:

1. Vintage Wonder

Leather bound and refillable – this notebook has an embossed compass design on the front and is utterly vintage and beautiful.

Maleden Leather Classic Embossed Notebook

2. Retro Journal 

Screen Shot 1437-11-27 at 12.45.04 PM

This looks it could be a fairy tale storybook but it’s actually a journal. Classic yet practical, this will be the prettiest thing on your desk.

Retro Notebook Journal

3. Tree of Life

Screen Shot 1437-11-27 at 1

Simple, clean and minimalistic, this Tree of Life notebook is bound with faux leather and is great for organizing your thoughts.

Classic Leather Writing Journal Notebook

4. Mint Green

Screen Shot 1437-11-27 at 1

You can never go wrong with mint green with specks of gold, check out this Ashley G notebook:

Ashley Blue Sky Scatter Notebook

5. Brighten Up!


No stationery haul is complete without something Kate Spade, check out this notebook for a pop of color amidst your school books:

Kate Spade New York Notebook

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