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Poetry & Style Fusion

img_1927Torba Studio is rocking the industrial D-ring trend featuring poetry lines written all over the belt, a sporty yet urban take on an accessory that has taken on a whole new meaning. This Saudi clothing brand is known for their “the desert has dreams” belts.

Instagram: torbastudio_official
Location: Riyadh

Royaled by Renad

img_1925Founded by Renad Hefni, a young Saudi visionary who committed to empowering women, Royaled is designed for the modern-day woman, and offers elegant creations and powerfully mesmerizing pieces.

Instagram: royaledbyrh
Location: Jeddah

Beach Bisht

_dsc1143A new creation by jewelry turned fashion designer, Nasser J. Farsi. We can’t wait for this to hit the market and be part of our summer essentials.


Sadeem AlShehail ensured that her line is focused on creating luxurious and high-end pieces, for confident, elegant and sophisticated women. SADEEM’s fabrics are sourced from companies that employ sustainable practices, as her fabrics are non-toxic.

Instagram: bysadeem
Location: Riyadh

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