Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Experience Jeddah In 24 Hours

Experience Jeddah In 24 Hours

A total indulgence of the senses, Jeddah is an exhilarating mix of cultures and traditions. The ‘Bride of the Red Sea’ as it is commonly referred to, is packed with so much energy. one day in jeddah is definitely not enough tothings to do in jeddah , but if that’s all the time you’ve got, we’ve devised an itinerary to help you make the most of your day.

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And we can assure you that by the end of the day you will see Jeddah the way we Jeddahwis do.

7:00 AM Visit El Bangala

Watch hawkers display their catch of the day among the hustle and bustle of the fish market. And if you manage to reach there while a big catch is brought in, then prepare yourself for an energetic auction as well.

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8:00 AM Start Your Day With Tameez

A good day begins with a good breakfast, although not originally Saudi, this Afghani bread is one of the healthiest ways to begin your day. It has made its way to the Saudi culture and has become a staple breakfast item as it is served with a dish of cooked fava beans called ‘fool’. Despite its delightful taste, Tameez with Fool is light on your pocket as well.

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9:00 AM Wander The Narrow Streets Of Historic Jeddah

Historic Jeddah is the pride of the city and is Jeddah’s very own UNESCO World Heritage Site. It houses some of the finest examples of Hejazi architecture and is a brilliant way to experience life in Jeddah in the olden days.


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11:00 AM Shop Till You Drop In Balad

Take advantage of great shopping opportunities that Balad offers. Balad is where you can get anything you need, whatever your budget allows. There’s so much to chose from – starting from rundown shops selling cheap items to typical mall-type stores selling branded labels. You’ve got to be prepared to test your bargaining skills here.


1:00 Visit The Enigmatic Floating Mosque

The Fatima mosque a.k.a. floating mosque is a regular on the tourist circuit of the city. Marvel at this beautiful epitome of architecture; all while you take in beautiful vistas of the Red Sea.

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2:00 PM Gorge On A Scrumptious Lunch At Al Baik

A trip to Jeddah is incomplete without eating Al Baik. Despite not having a single outlet outside the country, Al Baik is even famous overseas and many passengers traveling overseas from Jeddah can be seen carrying Al Baik meals. So don’t forget to take parcels for your family and friends cause the last thing they want to hear is that you haven’t got Al Baik along with you.

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3:00 PM Ride The Waters – Jet Ski At Obhur

Go full throttle and spend a thrilling time cruising the Obhur creek on a jet ski! Jump over waves and try those spray turns; you are bound to have an absolute blast, or shall we say splash, with this one.

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4:00 PM Go For A Swim In The Mesmerizing Waters Of The Red Sea

The year round warm waters of the Red Sea are too alluring to resist. There are many private beaches along the Obhur creek, which offer good swimming spots such as Silver Sands, Coral beach and Sardina beach resort to name a few.

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5:00 PM Complete Your Red Sea Experience – Fakieh Aquarium

Explore the best of what the depths of the Red Sea have to offer. Plus if you finish the tour fast enough you’ll have time to catch the Dolphin show while you’re there.

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6:00 PM Witness The Sunset At The King Fahd Fountain

Watch the last rays of the sun lighten up the enigmatic showers of the King Fahd Fountain. And if you’d like to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while you are it, then head to Furusiya, to all the more enhance this one of a kind experience.

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7:00 PM Shopping Therapy At Mall of Arabia

One of the largest malls in the city, this is your destination for high-end fashion and beauty items. For shopping therapy, head to stores ranging from Mango to Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Lacoste, The Body Shop and so much more. We assure you that this will be the ultimate shopping trip.

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9:00 PM Enjoy A Delectable Dinner At Tahlia Street

With a host of options to choose from Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Street a.k.a. Tahlia is one street every Jeddahwi visits almost every week. From international food chains to local brands – burgers, pizzas to traditional Arabian food all are available here. Just in case you are left with some more shopping to do after your mall stop, head to Chanel, Max Mara and other well renowned fashion brands that line up Tahlia Street.


10:00 PM Sate Your Sweet Tooth At House Of Donuts

House of Donuts is what Jeddawis grew up eating. Whatever flavor you think of, will be there for you to sink your teeth into. This is one place sweet lovers will never want to leave. Plus it has branches dotted all over the city, so there is no excuse left for you to miss out on this one.  Bon appetite!

Experience Jeddah In 24 Hours

11:00 PM Enjoy Jeddah The Way We Do At In10So

This gaming arena has 2 outlets in the city, one in Serafi Mega Mall and another one in Red Sea Mall. Decked out with snooker tables, Playstation and Xbox consoles along with a go-karting area. This a favorite hangout spot amongst Jeddah’s youth.

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12:00 AM Finish Your 1 Day Jeddah Tour By Taking a Stroll On The Corniche

Take a breezy stroll along the Jeddah Corniche and watch as the waves flow over the abyss and crash into the corniche. This is the time you can avoid much of the crowds (if not a weekend) and enjoy local street food – batatis(french fries), balila(boiled chickpeas) and ice cream from those colorful ice cream trucks. What better place to relax than the corniche as the aroma of the sea engulfs you.

Experience Jeddah In 24 Hours
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Jeddah is welcoming, safe and makes you feel as if you belong to it. A trip to Jeddah will surely give you stories and photos to last a lifetime.


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