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Best places To Study in Jeddah

study cafe jeddah, It’s almost exam time, and with all the submission deadlines and countless projects due every other day, stress is on infinite levels at the moment, so we thought we’d give you some alternatives to cramming information into your brain at home.

best study cafe jeddah

The following place to study can be a nice change, and a great option for group studying.

  1. Voila

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Photo Credit:

Primarily a chocolate place, Voila’s restaurant space is the perfect setting for some quiet studying time with your peers.

Location: Millenium Centre, Tahlia St.

  1. Ikea

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This may sound like a weird one, but believe it or not, Ikea’s food court is a popular study place for many in the mornings.

Location: Prince Mohamed Bin Abdul Aziz St. (Tahlia)

  1. Tabateek (For Ladies)

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A private lounge at Bougainvillea Center, Tabateek is a great spot for meetings, study sessions, and some good snacking.

Location: Bougainvillea, Malik Rd.
Instagram: tabateek
Tel: +966-12-2064555

  1. Starbucks

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This is a no brainer. With its coffee, snacks and WiFi, Starbucks is a favorite project and study location for many.

Location: Corniche Rd., Atallah Center
Corniche Rd., next to Pizza Hut
Le Mall, Tahlia St.
Palestine St., Al Hamra

  1. Joffrey’s

Photo Credit:'s Cafe

Photo Credit:’s Cafe

With a more lounge interior, Joffrey’s is a relaxing alternative to get those creative juices working.

Location: Palestine St., Al Hamra

  1. Sara’s Corner (For Ladies)

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Photo Credit:

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The combination of freshly baked cakes and snacks, and a refreshing atmosphere causes for a motivating place to study.

Facebook: sarascorner
Instagram: saraladiescafe
Twitter: sarascornercafe
Location: Al Batarjee Rd., Al Zahra.

  1. King Fahad Public Library

Photo Credit: Fahad Public Library

Photo Credit: Fahad Public Library

Public library with several resources and spaces to study and research.

Location: Prince Majed Bin Abdulaziz Rd.
Facebook: King Fahad Public Library
Instagram: king_fahd_public_library

  1. King Abdulaziz University’s Public Library

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Photo Credit:

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Though on King Abdulaziz University’s campus, this library is open to all.

Location: King Abdulaziz University, Abdullah Sulayman
Twitter: KAULibrary
Instagram: LibraryKAU
Facebook: KAULibrary

P.S. If incase the above places don’t fit well with your requirements, be sure to check out the following link for some more choices.

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