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18 Totally Weird Facts About Your Hair

18 Totally Weird Facts About Your Hair
By Sumaiyya Naseem

1. Hair, fur, hooves, claws, beaks are essentially the same thing because they’re made from the same protein called keratin.
2. Human hair has the ability to taste.
A graduate from the University of Iowa discovered that lung cilia, the tiny hairs that sweep out impurities, increase the rate of their sweeping when they taste the bitterness of nicotine. Interestingly, they only respond to bitter tastes.
3. Nose hair in humans continues to pulse for up to 21 hours after death.
4. An average person has more than 100,000 hairs on his head.
5. And about 4.9 million more in other places all over the body.
6. Your hair knows whether you’re asleep or awake.
The hair follicles are one of the places where evidences about a person’s sleeping pattern are present.
7. Hair can get criminals arrested!
You’ve probably seen this happen in the movies.
8. Oily, dirty hair absorbs seven times more ozone than clean hair.
9. Apparently, your hair knows about the places you’ve been to.
Chemists found a unique chemical signature in tap water and locally bottled beverages of around 30 cities. This chemical signature was also found in the hair of people who drank the water.
10. Trichophagia is a rare but potentially life threatening compulsion to ingest hair.
A four-pound hairball was removed from the stomach of an Indian girl by doctors.
11. Hair is not a priority when it comes to the body’s nutritional needs. Why?
Because it’s not a vital organ or tissue.
12. The texture of grey hair is different than that of young hair.
13. We get goose bumps when we’re afraid or when the temperature drops because hair follicles are extremely sensitive.
14. In primates and other furry animals, the hair stands up (like goose bumps) in order to appear bigger, as a defense mechanism to face danger or threat.
Scientists believe this is true for humans as well.
15. Grey hair is not actually grey.
It’s a combination of white and pigmented hair.
16. Healthy, wet hair can stretch an additional 30% of its original length.
17. Hair grows slightly faster in warm weather.
18. The only thing hair can’t help identify is the gender. Pretty wacky, huh?!

Know anything weird about hair? Any of these surprised or shocked you? Tell us about it!


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