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11 Makeup Hacks For The Party Girl In A Hurry

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By Sumaiyya Naseem 

All of us go through that phase where trying out new kinds of makeup consumes our daily lives. Sadly, it is not every day that we have all the time in the world to play with makeup.

Here are some tips which will help you achieve a great look without too much hassle:

1. The Tissue Pat

Patting your face with a tissue after you apply foundation will help you quickly set your makeup and save you a lot of time by removing the extras, which extra makeup can really ruin a makeup look. Now you can skip the steps needed for toning down the color!


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2. The Easy Way To Glow

We want to sparkle all evening and we want our faces to be bright and happy. There are a lot of steps that lead to the perfect bright base. Save time by adding a shimmering eyeshadow to your foundation. It will make you look fresh and bright.


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3. The Cotton Blusher

If you’re at a party and don’t have your makeup brush with you (duh!), you can fix your blush by using cotton or a tissue. We recommend cotton. If you have neither, you can wash your fingers and use them to pat the color onto your cheeks.


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4. The Sugar Glide Exfoliation

It’s simpler than it sounds! Mix a teaspoon of sugar and Vaseline to create an exfoliator for your lips. This will help you get a long lasting lip color.

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5. The Favorite Eye-Shadow Lip Color Tip

You can’t decide which lipstick to go for and honestly, you don’t like your options right now. Don’t fret! Mix your favorite eye-shadow with a small amount of Vaseline to get the perfect color. You could use clear lip-gloss if you don’t want to use Vaseline.

6. The Fake Eyelash Chopper

Chop your fake eyelashes into three parts each. This will make it easier to apply and save a lot of time. We mean a lot.

7. Quick Fix Eye-Shadow Primer

Not all of us are blessed with the perfect eye-shadow primer. Those are hard to get. Simply apply a cream base eye-shadow before patting down the actual eye-shadow you’ll be using. Opt for the same colour cream base or use a complementary color. It will last all night, and you won’t have to worry about fixing it every hour.


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8. Baby Powder Eyelashes!

If you’re like me and hate fake eyelashes (because they’re annoying and look very….fake), then do this: apply a coat of mascara, apply a layer of baby powder on top of the coat and then go for the second and third coats to get thick, full lashes.


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9. The Flyaway Fix

Most of us don’t really mind a little flyaway hair, unless we’re working the sleek look. Apply hairspray onto a disposable toothbrush and brush down the flyaway hair. This neat trick will help get rid of the static and make your hair presentable.

10. Lipstick Those Cheeks!

Your eyes saw right. Pat a little of your pink lipstick (or whichever color your cheeks need) and gently spread it over your cheekbones to get a blush. This trick will keep you glowing all night at parties.


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11. Baked Matte Nails

Umm…. hear me out! Mix a little baking soda to your favorite nail color to achieve a suede-matter finish! This trick is worth the try and especially comes in handy when you don’t have the time to go buy new nail polish.


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Liked our tips?! Which one will you try? Tell us about your own favorite makeup hacks!

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