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10 Ways To Attain Instant Peace of Mind

10 Ways To Attain Instant Peace of Mind
By Sumaiyya Naseem

How many times did you sigh in frustration or anger this week? You’re not alone. Sometimes, life gets super crazy, and with the heat in Saudi Arabia blasting down on us, it’s easy to get frustrated and stressed out.

We forget that life can be chaotic and things are not entirely in our hands.

Having peace of mind is really important and being at peace should be one of our goals, especially those with busy schedules. Why? Because it’s necessary for effectivity and productivity.

Here are some ways to attain instant peace of mind!

Deep breathing.
Breathing is the process by which you transfer oxygen to the cells of your body, and oxygen is necessary for healthy functioning. It detoxifies, releases tension, brings clarity, relieves pains and stresses, and also elevates moods. There are tons of benefits of breathing because it is so central to our well-being. Feeling stressed? Breathe deeply and try to relax. Stop thinking and starting breathing.
Take a walk.
Getting fresh air is probably the best thing you can do for your body and mind. When you add a good walk to it then it becomes the best way to feel at ease with the world. You will experience life in a calmer way because you’ll be away from the hassle of your daily routine. It will also calm your mind and introduce you all kinds of sights and sounds which you hadn’t paid attention to before.
Play with your pet.
Cats and dogs are some of the most social pets and they love to play. Hang out with your pet even if it’s a bird or a chameleon. It will de-stress you sooner than you’d think was possible. Don’t have a pet? Consider getting fishes for your room. Watching fishes swim can be one of the most relaxing activities you can do on a daily basis.
This is similar to deep breathing but requires much more focus. Meditation will purify your mind, drive away the noise from your world and calm your senses. There are many kinds of meditation, but the most basic one requires you to choose a quiet spot, sit attentively, and breathe while you focus on a peaceful thought. You can opt to listen to sounds of nature on YouTube.
Take a nap.
If you feel your stress is just a result of your work or surroundings then take a nap for twenty minutes. It will relieve the immediate stress that you’re feeling. If your stress is a result of deeper feelings and things going on in your life then a nap will be a temporary fix.
De-clutter your life.
We tend to hold on to the things we love, and often this results in our rooms being filled with things we don’t need. Spend a few hours to de-clutter your life, go through your shelves and drawers and set aside the things you don’t need. Pack them and send them off to the nearest charity you know of, or give them to someone who needs it.
Clean your room.
This is not a chore from Mom, this is something you’re doing for yourself. Clean surroundings will ensure a healthier state of mind. De-clutter the surfaces, change the bedsheets, and vacuum the floor. You will feel much better because sometimes involving in a productive activity uplifts our mind.
Try to worry less.
A lot of us are over-thinkers and worriers. We tend to go overboard and give ourselves the stress we don’t need. Do your best and be confident, don’t let if’s and assumptions ruin your mood. In the end, remember that whatever happens in life happens for the best. Allah The Most Merciful is the best planner and we should put our trust in Him alone.
Read something spiritual.
Read your favorite Surah of the Qur’an, stories of the Prophets or the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). You will feel calmer and get a better perspective about life. You could also read any other books you like because reading in general is a great stress-reliever, and it’s also educational.
Do something for others.
By doing this for other people we distract the focus on ourselves. Our religion encourages generosity and good behavior. Charity is not just giving riyals to the poor, it’s also a smile, laughter and good words shared with loved ones. Make some tea for your Mom or organize your Dad’s work desk (don’t throw anything!). Play with your siblings or babysit your niece. You will feel much better than you have all day.

These are just some tried and tested activities which work wonders. We hope they work for you as much as they did for us.

Tell us what you do when you’re stressed!


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