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10 Steps to Get Your Picky Eater to Eat Healthy

10 Steps to Get Your Picky Eater to Eat Healthy

Tired of mealtime tantrums and tears? Worry no more!

Many parents are left frustrated at mealtimes, with their children refusing to eat most of their food, but there are simple steps you can take to overcome this.

1. Focus on Yourself

Parents often surrender to their child’s wants to avoid a mealtime tantrum… It’s a trap! Focus on your behavior during mealtime by doing the following:


January 4-10 | Super Healthy Kids
2. Establish a Routine

Picky eaters snack throughout the day, thus getting full before meals. Prevent this by scheduling meals and snacks.

3. Start Small
4. Subtly Introduce New Foods
5. Involve Your Child

Ask your child to help with selecting and preparing food.


6. Be Creative
7. Seek Help From a Friend

A study by Dr. Helen Hendy found that preschoolers were more likely to try mango when another classmate tried it.

8. Minimize Distraction

The whole family should be seated at the table for meals, with eating being the sole focus.

9. Avoid Food Rewards

Children should identify food as fuel, not reward. Rewarding with specific foods (like chocolate) leads to poor eating habits. Your child may associate eating with achievement or stress relief rather than hunger.

10. Don’t Buy Unhealthy Foods

Even if your child asks for it!

By making small and steady changes, you can promote healthy eating habits which your child can carry throughout his life.


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