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10 Habits That Will Ruin Your Skin

10 Habits That Will Ruin Your Skin
By Sumaiyya Naseem

We all want to have good, clear and beautiful skin. Even men don’t feel comfortable with spotty and unhealthy skin. But do some of our habits make it harder for us to get better skin?!

Yes, of course they do! Not everything we do is healthy for us. Here are habits that you should be avoiding.

It adds years to your face; you’ll get wrinkles and bad skin tone with smoking. Apparently, every decade of smoking equals an added 2.5-3 years of age on our body.
2. Ignoring Your Neck And Chest
For a lot of men and women, face wash ends at their chins. Yes, technically it’s a ‘face’ wash, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your neck and chest! These areas have very sensitive skin and are also exposed to the harsh, outside world. Apply moisturiser and sunscreen to these areas even if you’re going to wear a veil all day.
3. Using Dirty Makeup Brushes
Now, don’t be lazy. You know you need to clean those brushes. Just think about all the dirt, dust, germs and residual makeup that will ruin your skin. We both know the last thing you want are clogged pores that cause acne.
4. Skipping Workout Sessions
Working out on a regular basis is very important. It results in increased blood flow, which refreshes and rejuvenates the skin and body. It also gets rid of toxins through sweat and other body fluids.
5. Exfoliating Too Much
We love taking care of our skin, but we tend to go overboard sometimes. Ever had that week when you finally decided to exfoliate your skin and couldn’t stop?! You did it every other day and eventually, your angry skin acted out with acne and other less than good problems. Exfoliate only once or twice weekly to avoid disrupting the natural oil production.
6. Pulling All-nighters
We love staying up all night, but we shouldn’t do it often. Sleep deprivation will tire out your mind, body and soul. The tiredness will reflect on your skin and might cause a lot of problems.
7. Going To Bed With Dirty Skin
This will cause a lot of harm. You should always wash your face before bed. Get rid of all the makeup and dirt/dust that build up throughout the day.
8. Sleeping With Makeup On
This point is similar to the one above, but I wanted to emphasize because a lot of girls fall into the lazy trap of not washing off the makeup before bed; movie stars and soap opera actors seem to do it all the time. Sleeping with eye liner or mascara can lead to irritation and infection. This is all very serious. Tip: Use baby wipes to easily get rid of the makeup.
9. Junk Food
What you eat is what you will look like. Junk food has almost no nutritional value, contains too much carbs and sugar and causes you to gain weight. They also make you age faster and give you a washed out look.
10.Popping That Zit
It’s an awful and painful thing to do. It’s also gross. Popping your zit won’t get rid of it, it’ll cause even more breakouts. Just don’t do it.

If you have any of these habits, remember that it’s okay, as long as you make efforts to get rid of them. Breathe and live healthily.


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