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10 Free Online Courses You Should Take This Summer

10 Free Online Courses You Should Take This Summer
By Sumaiyya Naseem

Online courses have changed the landscape of education. Gone are the days when learning was limited to a classroom. Today, you can explore a variety of subjects and do specialised learning from the comforts of your home.

free online courses in saudi arabia

What’s best is that you become a part of a community dedicated to learning and self-development. You may make friends along the way and contribute your own ideas and thoughts on THE forums.

Here’s a list of 10 self-paced and free online courses in saudi arabiawhich will elevate your understanding of the world around you.

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1. Nutrition: Healthy Food for Better Living:

Institue: WageningenX
Instructor: Sander Kersten, Ivonne M.C.M. Rietjens, Marcel H. Zwietering

This XSeries provides an introduction to nutritional science and demonstrates the necessary tools to better interpret information overload about nutrition, food and health.

To know more about it click here.

2. Unlocking Your Employability

Institute: UQx
Instructor: Andrea Reid, Anna Richards

To develop your employability, which is the set of achievements, skills, and personal attributes that make you attractive to an employer, so that you can successfully navigate the recruitment process and be effective in your job.

To know more about it click here.

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3. Introduction to Public Speaking:

Institute: University of Washington
Instructor: Dr. Matt McGarrity

This useful online course will help you develop your speaking skills by giving a comparison of oral and written communication. The course also focuses on three kinds of speeches: impromptu, informative and persuasive. By the end of the course, the student will learn how to write a good speech and how to deliver it impressively.

To know more about it click here.

4. Astrobiology and the search for extra-terrestrial life:

Institute: The University of Edinburgh
Instructor: Charles Cockell

This course will inform you about the earliest stages of life and environment on earth and how it originates. The main focus of the course is on life in other parts of the universe, the environment which is necessary for life to originate, the possibilities of intelligent life on other planets and how they would impact the society.

To know more about it click here.

5. Paradoxes of War:

Institute: Princeton University
Instructors: Miguel CentenoM

This course is very interesting in the way it explains the nature of war, why it takes place and how it is experienced. The course also highlights the taught set of duties, values of warriors, formation of armies, progression of the battle and social aspects of war.

The course will deepen your understanding of war and how it affects the world and us.

To know more about it click here.

6. Exploring Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas:

Institute: Curtis Institute of Music
Instructor: John Biss

This course takes a detailed look at the music of Beethoven. The musician’s sonatas will be studied in order to understand his music. The course is ideal for those who want to experience music on a deeper level of awareness with regards to its components.

To know more about it click here

7. The Music of the Beatles:

Institute: University of Rochester
Instructors: John Covach

This course will explore the evolution of the popular band and look at how they influence music and the artists of their generation.

To know more about it click here.

8. The Evolving Universe:

Institute: Caltech
Instructors: S. Djorgovski

This introductory astronomy course will help you understand the universe and its components. The course is great if you want to know more about stars, planets, and the world of galaxies.

To know more about it click here.

9. Child Nutrition and Cooking:

Institute: Stanford University
Instructors: Maya Adam

With junk food and fast food in abundance, children today need proper attention when it comes to their health and nutrition. This course on children’s nutrition will discuss the importance of home cooking, what constitutes a balance meal, and sustainable and healthy eating at home and school.

To know more about it click here.

10. Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome:

Institutes: University of Colorado Boulder and University of Colorado System
Instructors: Prof. Rob Knight, Dr. Jessica Metcalf and Dr. Katherine Amato

The collection of microbes in the body weighs as much as the human brain. This course takes an in-depth look at the microbes and micro biomes in our bodies, how they affect our health, and how our nutrition affects their process.

To know more about it click here.

11. Anthropology of Current World Issues

Institutes: UQx
Instructors: Gerhard Hoffstaedter, Gerhard Hoffstaedter, Anna Cristina Pertierra, Annie Ross, Sally Babidge, Kim de Rijke

This course will allow you to better understand the world around you through utilising the anthropological lens. You will learn about the way in which anthropology as a discipline can shed new perspectives on current world issues, from indigeneity to migration and material culture.

To know more about it click here.

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12. How to Save a Life: Basic Life Support

Institutes: Save A LifeX
Instructors: Dr. Karl Disque D.O. RPH

This healthy and safety course will teach learners how to perform life support techniques including chest compressions, basic airway management, rescue breathing, AED use for defibrillation, and more.

To know more about it click here.

Head over to, and to view more online courses.


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