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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Shorfaa Was Launched To Be The First Platform In Saudi Arabia

Shorfaa Was Launched To Be The First Platform In Saudi Arabia

Is it possible to learn art and creativity using open online digital platforms? Nowadays, the internet helped in transforming our the living room (specifically our comfy couches) to be our classrooms.

Discovering and Exploring new fields, new hobbies, and new interest has never been easier and more accessible than today. People now can grew their careers or shift to entirely new ones from the comfort of their houses. img_1840-copy

Most of the online platforms was providing free classes in the fields of engineering, math and management. Due to high demand on these online platforms, some of them became paid platforms which led to increasing the percentage of finishing the courses from 10% to 70% according to some statistics. The statistics has shown that paying a small amount of money was a motivation for participants to attend and submit any required work. Shifting from free classes to paid ones guaranteed a higher chance for this platforms to achieve it goals and missions. img_1842-copy

But why to learn art and creativity through these platforms? Is it possible to replace the physical presence of the art educator with a screen and video? How can we provide the students with the gift of instant platform and the power of peer feedback in a normal Art class in a community center? Would people be willing to give up being in the same space with their favorite art teacher correcting and guiding them step by step? img_1859-copy

To overcome all these challenges, many solutions have evolved and appeared such as a one to one feedback using a screen sharing software, arranging live Q and A, forming virtual communities using Facebook groups and other social media apps, and enabling peers and educators to comments and discuss through a comment section in these platform, such as the trainer sharing the screen while explaining the steps which helps trainee in picking the steps of the creative process. img_1968-copy

We believe that making art and design education accessible for everyone could help them recognize themselves as creative beings, encourage them to approach the challenges they face innovatively, and empower them to change and contribute in the world around them. img_2000-copy

Shorfaa platform was launched to be the first platform in Saudi Arabia to specialize in providing online courses in art, creativity, and design fields in Arabic. Shorfaa aims to help individual in the Arab world to fulfil their creative potential and share their gifts with the world. img_2066-copy

Shorfaa was established to be a safe place and space to motivate people to explore the creative wealth that they have to develop it and share it with people surrounding them.

Shorfaa platform divided into three sections: Explore, develop, share. img_2081-copy

Explore “Ektashif” section provides an introductory courses for beginners in various creative fields such as painting principles, coloring, jewelry and fashion design, photography, interior design, gardening and other topics..etc.

Develop “Tawer” it provides courses at advanced levels that help individuals to take their skills to another level in different creative fields.

Share “Sharek” provides courses that help transform creative work into a business or creative literary production. img_2084-copy

Shorfaa platform is pursuing to encourage self-learning on the internet and make it accessible to everyone. Shorfaa platform believes that all humans are creative and artists, as we also believe that societies have a main role in exploring the creative side of the person. We encourage you to visit our platform

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