Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

10 Fashion Bloggers You Need to Follow on Instagram

10 Fashion Bloggers You Need to Follow on Instagram

It’s time to up your style game.

With an influx of bloggers, artists and entrepreneurs, social media platforms have grown from small trendy apps to bustling marketing hubs, in the course of a few short years. But style bloggers have surely secured the coveted seats of the Most Followed People in Jeddah. Their aesthetically stunning #ootd posts have grabbed serious momentum and have drastically impacted our fashion scene, making the industry more accessible than ever before. We have compiled the ultimate list (in no particular order) of the best fashion bloggers based in Jeddah so you can be up to date with the latest trends and events with just a tap.

1. Vogueoverdosed

sas_2176copyInstagram: vogueoverdosed
Snapchat: vogue.overdoesed

Ghalia Mahmoudi (aka Vogueoverdosed) is a marketing graduate from Dar Al Hekma University and a Saudi fashion blogger that passionately writes about local and international style trends. Her visually remarkable Instagram feed has blessed us all with her charming feminine style and her admiration for the most beautiful flowers and lush greenery that only she seems to find in Jeddah!

2. Shoesanddrama

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Instagram: shoesanddrama

Marriam Mosalli is a true role model for Saudi woman as the founder of Niche Arabia and a fashion blogger. She has garnered both local and international acclaim for her unendorsed, unapologetic and uncensored thoughts. Her Instagram and Insta stories are no less entertaining with her hilarious posts and captions of everything from fashion, political and social trends.

3. Faisal Al-Ghazzawi

mg_7868rsInstagram: falghazzawi

There aren’t many male stylists in Jeddah but Faisal Al-Ghazzawi is trying to shake Saudi men’s fashion with his unique outfits. His style caters to everyone, from classic to vibrant to sporty looks. He‘s also a certified men’s image and photo-shoot stylist with a Instagram feed that inspires more than 24k people.

4. Lama Al-Akeel

4Instagram: lama.alakeel
Snapchat: lama.alakeel

Lama Alakeel is a Saudi aspirational fashion designer that has graduated from Dar El Hekma University. With a whopping following of more than 300k, follow Lama not only for her impressive

outfits and beauty tips but also for her travelling adventures, including a recent trip to Europe with Italy and Spain!

5. Hala Al Harthy

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Instagram: hala_alharithy
Snapchat: hala_alharithy

This modest fashion consultant and personal shopper has been featured in both Vogue Italia and Harper Bazaar’s Best Dressed lists. She showcases a range of the latest trends in abayas and jalabiyas with her eye-catching, vibrant and chic style.

6. Noha Sindi

extInstagram: styling_diva
Snapchat: styling_diva

Certified fashion stylist, image consultant, personal shopper and a graduate from LCF (London College of Fashion) are just a few credentials Noha Sindi can add to her CV! She also hosts workshops for young teenagers and children about basic colors and body shapes to improve their confidence. Follow her for her fun and quirky outfits!

7. Rafal Saria

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Instagram: rafalsaria
Snapchat: rafalsaria

With her short, spiky hair and funky outfits, Rafal Saria’s eccentric personality radiates in her picturesque Instagram feed. Apart from being interested in fashion, make-up and lifestyle, she also posts inspirational quotes to lighten up your day!

8. Aram Kabbani

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Instagram: aramkabbani
Snapchat: aramkdesigns

Fashion designer and style expert, Aram Kabbani graduated from Dar Al Hekma University with a bachelor degree in Graphic Design. She is now a fashion powerhouse by working as a private stylist to some of the region’s most prestigious people, including Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel. Follow her for enchanting photo-shoots, event coverage and her rad outfits!

9. Just.bayan

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Instagram: just.bayan
Snapchat: just.bayan

Bayan Lingjawi is a Saudi vlogger and lifestyle influencer. She has graduated from American Unviversity of Dubai with a degree in Business Management. As a result, she is based in both the cities of Dubai and Jeddah. Although most of her captivating posts capture her impeccable style sense and makeup, she also covers socialite events and travel destinations.

10. Maryam Raja

dfInstagram: merlettebymaryam
Snapchat: merlettebym

One of the most underrated bloggers is Maryam Raja. This Pakistani born fashion, beauty & style blogger was raised in Makkah. She grew up watching Fashion TV & reading all about designers, models, photographers, everyone in the field of fashion, and was eager to be a part of it. Due to the lack of opportunities in Saudi at the time, she created her own platform to pursue her varied interests & share them with fellow fashionistas and the world.


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