Zawia 97 Historical Retail Space at Historic Jeddah Season

The Historic Jeddah Season has made summers in the Kingdom ‘a great time to look forward to spending outdoors’. With a trunk load of activities for all, there is no better way to beat the heat.

One can learn, watch and play all at the same time. The cultural shows and performances take the audience on a road trip related to the past with well-known folklores relived through acting and drama.  photo-1-copy

Other elements of the Season showcase the rich heritage and culture of Jeddah. One such journey is the Zawia 97 Historical Retail Space at Historic Jeddah Season, which allows visitors to walk through a lane filled with the aromatic spices and herbs of Jeddah. The idea of activating the alley was to revive the craft of ‘Al Etarah’.

They will have the opportunity to visit various workshop spaces and different spice and herb shops that are traditionally called, “Etarah”. There will also be a retail shop where products related to the craft are sold, and visitors can experience the unique way their forefathers lived. photo-2-copy

The Zawia 97 Historical Retail Space is located in the Al Etarah Alley and is open to the public till the end of the Season from 7pm until midnight.

More details on the Season can be found at 

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