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“Undeterred” is a book authored by Rania Habiby Anderson, founder of and a leading expert on the professional advancement of businesswomen in growth economies.


It offers a structured approach for overcoming obstacles via storytelling. This is how it works: a collection of real life stories and anecdotes recounted by successful (yet ordinary women) from various countries in different settings and circumstances. In Saudi Arabia, there are tons of success stories with great entrepreneurial lessons. Sadly, they mostly go undocumented and the new generation misses out on the opportunity to bypass many hurdles had these stories been told.


In I get a lot of questions on how to start up a project/company. Often times the questions relate to regulatory, cultural or financial challenges. In startup incubators, entrepreneurs are guided and trained on how to overcome those challenges. However, when we read stories shared by successful entrepreneurs with similar experiences within the same region(s) the inspiration we feel is paramount. It helps us through our down moments and keeps us going.


According to Entrepreneur magazine, every once in a while, you read a book that changes you – inspiring your career, clarifying your goals, challenging your thinking. The right book can give you the courage to start your business, the reality check that you’re not yet ready or the quiet affirmation that you’re not alone in your fears or ambitions. It can set you on your path to success.


As I write this article, I am juggling a full-time job, family duties and my first start up on financial awareness. As I go, I note down the lessons and stories I learned along the way and I plan to share this with as many entrepreneurs as I can.


Reem Asaad
The Author:
Reem Asaad is an inspirational Saudi woman. She is a wife, mother, writer and financial adviser. Asaad was ranked the third most powerful Arab Woman in 2012 by Arabian Business Magazine.
Instagram: @Nasi7atreem
Twitter: @Nasi7atreem

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