Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Working from Home, Why is it Popular?

Working from Home, Why is it Popular?

A recent employment trend in the Kingdom and beyond is working from home.

Working from home is less rigid compared to a professional working environment; this makes it a widespread and beneficial option for those who don’t wish to work under constant stress.

It’s usually not the warm cup of tea you may imagine. Here are some tips to get your best work done from home:

  1. Start Early

If you don’t wake up with the same dread you would have to get to work, then it is unlikely you’ll get any work done until the late hours of the day.

wake up early

  1. Schedule Yourself

The comfort of your bed should not distract you from following a strict schedule and getting important tasks done in time.

  1. Choose a ‘work’ spot.

Assign an area or desk as your workspace. This will help you to stay focused and improves your efficiency.

work spot

  1. Commit to more.

Whether you are home or sitting at a nearby coffee shop, you have time so commit to doing more than just what is entitled for the day.

  1. Stay Connected

Make sure you’re well connected with the team no matter where you are.

DJ Recommends: Use Slack for communication efficiency.


  1. Dress Professionally.

Getting in comfortable professional clothes can help channel your ‘professional energy’. Put on a smart shirt and slacks, or just wear something clean and ironed.

  1. Visit the headquarters.

Occasionally visit the office (if you’re not a home-based business) to meet up with your colleagues and celebrate special occasions.


Do you work from home? What’s your advice?


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