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Work That Core

Why you should take up Pilates this summer.

The practice of Pilates was first created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, who came up with the idea based on his knowledge of different fitness styles such as gymnastics and yoga and developed exercises that would strengthen mind and body through mental control, breathing and relaxation.

Pilates focuses on breathing, the correct posture of the body and the core deep muscles of the abdomen, back and hips.


The benefits of this workout are very comprehensive and wonderful and include toning muscles, correcting bad posture, elasticity, coordination and getting rid of abdomen fat quickly. Other benefits we should highlight are:

  • Practicing concentration on your movements and breathing control helps eliminate stress and improve your mood.
  • The deep breathing that you learn during practice will vastly improve your sleeping habits.
  • The more Pilates you do, the better posture you gain and the more confidence you have with your own body.pilatesrevolution_khobar_2017_aa-2


For any Pilates class, you need a spacious room that is well-lit, comfortable clothes and a mat. Some people like to wear socks but I personally feel more comfortable working out barefoot.

The first few classes usually start with some gentle warming movements, breathing control exercises and correctly aligning your body. Then you’ll move onto the basic exercises that will be the core of every session, helping you gradually gain confidence and elasticity with each class.

In your first classes, you may not have great flexibility, but don’t give up! Over time you’ll see progress and become much more aware of your body and happy with the changes that happen.

As you progress, different accessories, advanced exercises and even cardio workouts will be introduced to the class to make it more intense.aa-7

Who’s Pilates for?

Those who wish to tone, gain elasticity, lose fat and strengthen abdomen and, above all else, correct body posture. It’s especially useful for pregnant women.

Audrey Rincon:
Audrey Rincon is a health and fitness enthusiast from Colombia, with a background in cosmetology and nutrition. She currently lives in Khobar and is a full-time personal trainer.
Mob: +966-501469121

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