Words of Wisdom from a Breast Cancer Survivor

Jehan Ashmawi on surviving cancer and her vow to help others.

By Sohila El Saadany

Jehan Ashmawi; a member of the Zahra Foundation, presenter of Enta Bekheir (You Are Well) show on YouTube, holder of MA in hospital administration, life coach, mother of two and a breast cancer survivor. Her diagnosis revealed her true character and made breaking out of her shell easier.

Here are the most important lessons she has learnt from her battle and hopes that she can help, support and guide others while they endure similar trials and tests.

Relying on Yourself
“This is the time to focus on yourself. A lot of women I talked to during their illness were more worried about what those around them will think or do, but this is not the time to do that. You have to have to maintain a positively healthy psyche for better progress. (cialis online) ”
Positive Outlook

“When I first learnt I had cancer, I was very weak and sad, but I also felt really close to Allah, this made me feel better and consequently more appreciative of everything else that is going right with me. Another important insight I gained was filtering all the negative people around me. So remember to only surround yourself with those who make you happy and don’t engulf you in a web of depression and pity.”
“I also learnt that I had to keep myself busy; that gave me purpose and took my mind away from the pain. It seemed like I blamed my illness for not being able to do as I wished, but I realized I had to stop feeling sorry for myself. I finally understood the importance of never putting anything off.”

Supporting Others
“I decided to support those who are going down the same path. People started calling me to ask about cancer-coping mechanisms. I truly believe that support and solidarity helps women get over cancer and gives them the strength to move forward.
We don’t have awareness programs for families to be educated on how to deal with cancer patients. This is why I dedicated my MA to the importance of establishing a unit for the psychological support of those with breast cancer.”


Ashmawi is a true warrior, may she always be a source of light to everyone around her.


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