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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

With Italy, For Italy

With Italy, For Italy

Labeled the “With Italy, For Italy” campaign, twenty of Italy’s most famous photographers drove twenty iconic and new Lamborghini cars to twenty of the most beautiful regions across Italy to reveal landscapes steeped in art, history, and unique excellence.

Signaling the rebirth of the country following the Covid-19 emergency, this “With Italy, For Italy” initiative shone a new light on Italy’s extraordinary wealth of treasures.

We further learned about the initiative by asking a few questions to Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Lamborghini:

Can you talk about your role at Lamborghini? What defines Lamborghini as a brand?

Since 2017 I’m the Marketing and Communications Officer at Lamborghini and also have the privilege of being the first woman at the company to be part of the Management Board. In my role, I am responsible globally for the strategic direction of a brand, marketing, and PR at large, partnerships, sponsorship & co-branding of the company.

Lamborghini brand pillars are informal luxury as the associated lifestyle of the brand, future shapers, that means the importance of (disruptive) design and cars as modern art, as well as designers of experience, where the customer is at the heart of everything.

Futuristic design and advanced technology are at the forefront of Lamborghini’s product strategy, as the brand continues to innovate and pioneer in the sports car industry. Alongside this, in a period such as the current one defined as the “Age of You”, the choice of purchasing a product passes through more complex logic. Customers are seeking for a true relationship of identification with the values expressed by a brand. Our great commitment on the front of corporate social responsibility, which goes from investments in terms of sustainability to support for culture, for the new generations and in the broad sense of the territory, are expressions of a global vision of the company and of the brand that makes social responsibility one of its strategic assets. This attitude, combined with the excellence of our product, is the basis of the trust that our customers continue to confirm in us, despite a period of global challenges like the current one.

Can you tell us about the campaign, what does it entail?

With Italy, for Italy is a large-scale photographic and cultural project, celebrating the treasures of Italy and highlighting the country’s unique qualities throughout its 20 regions. It was inspired by the objective of reinvigorating Italy’s image, sending a positive signal of rebirth during the Covid-19 emergency.

We are in a difficult period, as our home country still faces serious health and economic crisis. In this context, we felt a strong responsibility to put the strength of our brand at the service of our land. We are an icon of Made in Italy with powerful communication channels; we can consider our brand as a sort of top influencer with millions of followers all over the world. Therefore, we decided to use our privileged position, combined with the talent of Italian artists, to help boost Italy’s image at a global level. This is our act of love and support for our country.

How does it align with Lamborghini’s purpose? 

Social responsibility is an integral part of our business approach. We proved it during the first emergency phase when we converted our production to manufacture masks and protective face screens, and we are doing the same now by highlighting the unique and extraordinary treasures that Italy can proudly boast.

Which Lamborghini range of cars is this project featuring?

The project featured the current Lamborghini range: from the latest in hybrid technology, the Sián Roadster, to the ultra-high-performance Aventador SVJ, the Urus Super SUV, and the agile Huracán EVO in all its versions: Spyder, coupé, all-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive. Joining this colorful cast of super sports cars were classic models such as Miura, Countach, and Diablo.

How did you go about pairing each photographer to the region and the car? Is it driven by how an iconic car suits a terrain or is there a story behind any of the pairings?

The car assignment was decided according to the storyboard proposed by each photographer and secondarily matched with the specific characteristics of the region. For example, we assigned the Urus to Sicily because it is the perfect example of versatility and perfectly fitted with the multifaceted Sicilian landscape, from wild environments such as the roads to Etna volcano as well as its urban and cultural sites. Again, our classic icon Miura, belonging to our museum, with its historical number plate from Sardinia has to be ‘the’ car for the shots on that island. The photographer assigned to that region recreated the Miura’s trip back home after 50 years of absence!


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