Top 5 Cafés to Study in Riyadh

Being a full time student and part time writer I know the struggle of not being able to focus. Putting myself in a different calm environment helps me get my piled up to-do list checked, and knowing how moody I am I’d go to a different place each time. Here is my ultimate list of places you can study in for every mood you are in.



Located in the most busy street in Riyadh, Tahliya, its vibrant and trendy. Good food, pretty theme with something interesting around every corner to get your creative mojo on. And to start your study session with a smile, you can play the classic “Ism, Jamad, Haywan, Nabat, Bilad” that they offer as soon as you sit in their comfy seating areas.




With its clean design and atmosphere, you’ll definitely be able to focus on your studies. Did we mention that they have great coffee and wifi? The best of both worlds!

Location: Waynes Coffee, Riyadh

Dr Cafe Meeting Rooms (King Abdullah and Khurais)


For the ultimate privacy and intense study sessions with a group of people, its best to head to Dr cafe’s meeting rooms available in two locations within Riyadh, King Abdullah and Khurais.


King Abdullah location

Khurais location: 



If you want to feel cozy and comfortable, caribou is unmatchable. With their rustic design, leather couches, and fireplace all your stress will melt away.

  • Tip: The one in front of PSU has a long table and chalkboard for males.

Location: Caribou Coffee, Riyadh

New cafe Bateel


Every time I want to study I get this urge to spoil myself, and what better place to do it other than a nice seating outdoors overlooking Olaya street with some delicious desert? I definitely won’t mind this kind of stress eating.


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