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When To Replace Cosmetics

When To Replace Cosmetics
By Sumaiyya Naseem

We women love our cosmetics. Every purchase is a story and every bottle of perfume or lipstick comes with its own story and memories. The more we come to love our products the harder it becomes to let it go.

We would prohibit other women from using our lipsticks but we don’t mind using them for months ourselves. Is that entirely healthy? What about all the germs that are imprinted on the color?

Here are some cosmetics and when you should replace them!

Mascara is a must for every girl (maybe unless you have frail eyelashes). Most of us use it on a daily basis, even if we’re going for that au naturale look. Black, brown, blue, whatever color your mascara is, you need to toss it out sooner than you think.
  • Chuck it: Every three months.
  • Why: Think about the eye infection you could possible get due to the bacteria filling up the tube after every use.
  • Tip: Don’t pump the stick to avoid drying out your mascara.
Eye shadow
These can really enhance your eyes which is why we love the variety of colors eye shadows come in.
  • Chuck it: Every two years (powder), one year (cream based).
  • Why: The bacteria builds up on the palette after regular use. Most women apply cream eye shadows straight from the stick and this also leads to a build-up of bacteria.
  • Tip: Clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis.
Who doesn’t love playing around with eyeliners to get the perfect cat eye?! Bright coloured eyeliners are the trend these days! You can enhance your entire look just by using this one product. And who knows how to use one better than us, the Arab women?!
  • Chuck it: Two years (pencil eyeliners), Three to five months (liquid eyeliner).
  • Why: Bacteria, bacteria, oh no, infection!
  • Tip: Sharpen your pencil eyeliner after every use.
Foundation and Concealer
These enhance our skin tone and hide the blemishes and scars. If used right, foundation can become your best friend!
  • Chuck it: Every one year (foundation), 12-18 months (concealer).
  • Why: If your foundation is in the powder form then bacteria can easily build up through the brushes or sponge. It’s easier to avoid bacterial issues with cream foundations. The colour and consistency of cream foundations and concealers start to turn after a year.
  • Tip: Avoid applying these products with your fingers.
Lipsticks and Lip Liners
We love lipsticks! Eyeliner and lipsticks are two products that can change the entire look by just one application. Lip liners can really bring out the shape of the lips. These products are in every girl’s bag but how long should they stay there for?
  • Chuck it: Every two years (lipsticks), two years or more (lipliner).
  • Why: They tend to dry out after a while and also…bacteria.
  • Tip: Use a regularly washed lipstick brush (but, honestly, they’re not that fun!).
A pat of these can change your entire makeup look! That special glow is one loved by every girl and woman. If the right color and stroke is used it can really do wonders for your cheeks.
  • Chuck it: Every 18 months.
  • Why: The pigment loses its strength and bacteria build up. A brush is almost always required for the application of these products.
  • Tip: Don’t buy too many at once!
Lip Gloss
Remember the minty lip gloss that made your lips feel electric?! Or the transparent one which made every lipstick look much better?! Lip gloss are our favorites!
  • Chuck it: Six months (wand), one year (squeeze tube).
  • Why: You guessed it! Bacteria and infections.
  • Tip: Prefer using squeeze tubes because the bacteria can’t easily get in there!
Nail Polish
Nail polishes are a special section in every girl’s makeup area. We love buying new colours and drawing funky shapes and designs on our nails.
  • Chuck it: One to two years.
  • Why: They usually dry out or the consistency becomes ‘stringy’.
  • Tip: Add a few drops of nail polish remover to the bottle and shake it well to make it last longer.
Makeup sponges
Whether it is putting on foundation or patting away the extra layers, makeup sponges are a must-have!
  • Chuck it: Four to six weeks and wash after every use.
Makeup Brushes
MAC or Mikyajy, we love our makeup brushes because they help us get our look right! Their lifespan depends on how you use them and how often you clean them.
  • Chuck it: One to Five years.
  • Why: The bristles might break, or fall off and the germs and bacteria can easily build up because the brushes are used on many products.
  • Tip: Wash your brushes once a week if you use them daily, or once a month if you use them a few times a week. It really depends on how much you use your brush. Quality make up brushes can last a long time if you maintain them well!

We hope these tips helped the ladies! We want you to stay healthy and infection free. Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments below.


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