Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

What is Jeddah Season?

What is Jeddah Season?

The most anticipated cultural events hits our shores, Jeddah welcomes the world!

Times are changing, and this is definitely one of the most exciting era to be living moments in Saudi Arabia. Concerts, international collaborations, live shows, and more electrifying features define our times today.

In only a couple of years, there has been drastic domestic reform on various frontiers, with tourism and entertainment receiving concentrated attention. The Kingdom, a country with a wealth of untapped potential, has an abundance to offer. Jeddawis as well are the best hosts, casual and fun as denim and as laid back as the dolphins in the neighboring Red Sea!

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, with astute leadership, chose to make the best use of these resources as part of Vision 2030, and catapult Saudi towards prosperity.

Jeddah Season is but one of the 11 Saudi seasons where world-class acts, local culture, communities, industry champs,  global brands and restaurants come together for a first of its kind festival. It’s an all-new experience showcasing Jeddah in a very youthful, vibrant, and energetic light—an authentic reflection of how Jeddah’s vibe is actually all year round! These entertainment packed seasons aim to encourage local and international tourism, bolster the economy, stimulate the entrepreneurial sector and local job force… and of course, show you just how fun it can be to live in the Kingdom.

Five iconic venues in Jeddah have been chosen to host the events for their popularity, capacity, proximity to the beach or cultural significance. These places are Al-Balad, Jeddah’s Waterfront, Al Johara Stadium, Obhur, and Al-Hamra. Activities are appropriate for the young and old, locals and expats alike. Be sure to not miss out on this one of a kind galvanizing experience. Jeddah is your go-to destination this summer, no need to look further because we are bringing it all to you!

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