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Wedad Charity Speaks Out

Wedad Charity Speaks Out

Hussein Bahry established Wedad Charity Foundation to be the voice of children with anonymous lineage.


What makes Wedad Charity Foundation different from all the other foundations?
Wedad Charity Foundation focuses on cases of children with anonymous lineage and aims to provide a safe, stable and nurturing environment that would allow them to thrive and develop. At the foundation we truly strive to open the minds and hearts of society to those cases.

We have social workers and health and psychology specialists that monitor and provide guidance to the children. We are also establishing a high standard research center that deals
with these cases.


What is the age range for children at the foundation? How many have been taken in by families?
We have newborns up until two year olds. We are in the process of completing the fostering procedure of 21 children by approved families, and 124 are currently being fostered.


How does the foundation assess the families that take in the children?
It monitors the family on a regular basis. Representatives of Wedad pay visits to these families to see how well the child is coping.


How does the foundation deal with the children’s education?
When the children come of age, they will join governmental schools. Their teachers will be involved with them to enable them to cope better and easier.


What criteria does the foundation set for families that want to take in children?
• The family must be Saudi. • Compatible skin color between the family and the baby.
• The wife must be less than 50 years old.
• Couple must be healthy and free of any diseases.
• Couple must be of good behavior and reputation.
• Infertile couples married for two years or less are eligible. Otherwise a couple must be married for five years.
• Breastfeeding is mandatory either facilitated by vitamins or done by a relative.


Steps to Foster a Baby
1- Fill application in the foundation
2- Bring ID and Family Card
3- Letter of Acknowledgment from the neighborhood mayor
4- Letter of Acknowledgment from three friends or relatives
5- Approval letter from husband
6- Letter from employer
7- Results of all medical texts
8- Letter of good behavior from employer/ neighborhood mayor


Fostering is about opening up your heart, so enjoy the blessings of having a foster child.


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