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Waad Academy – A New Path To Education

Waad Academy – A New Path To Education

Waad Academy is introducing a new and untraditional approach to education. Ahmad Aljazaeri, CEO of Waad Holding, speaks of the innovative school that will improve education in the Kingdom.

Waad Academy (part of Waad Holding) is reevaluating the educational process in the Kingdom as it concentrates on holistic education.

How did you come up with the idea for the academy?
We needed to do something different in terms of general education, something that focuses on the heart, mind and body. We handpicked experts from different places so they can share their professional experience and help implement our plan.

Tell us about the curriculum Waad Academy will adopt.
Waad Academy has a specially designed curriculum that assures students receive a topnotch education. We developed a whole method using strong existing cores, but making them our own. For example, we chose the Cambridge Primary Program. We took their standards and hired a team of experts to develop the resources for the modules used by students. Students will have iPads with the entire curriculum on there with a combination of different up-to-date resources and rich media that will aid them.

How does Waad Academy encourage individualized learning?
Students learn at different paces and we need to cater to that. The teacher explains the concept in the beginning to pave the way for them. They then take an assessment and its results go directly to the class teacher. The student then moves to the next module. So a class can have students at different modules.

What education system does the academy follow?
The school provides both the Ministry certificate and the British or American high-school diplomas. By grade 7, students will have the choice to continue in the Cambridge system or switch to the American system. Arabic and Islamic studies will be integral parts of the curriculum. They will be weaved into the fabric of the lessons.

What safety measures are applied at Waad Academy?
We designed a strong policy for the safety and care of the students. There is a department only responsible for their well being. The school is even entirely wheel chair accessible.

Can parents get involved in the educational program?
We will provide parents with an electronic gate where they can monitor their children’s progress. We also have a parent center where they are welcome to come and visit.

What sports facilities does the academy have?
The school presents a wide range of sport facilities. We have a Fifa certified soccer field and also a big sizable football field for girls. There is a half-sized Olympic swimming pool along with tennis, basketball and badminton courts. So there are more than 23 different sport facilities.

Explain the school’s concept of edutainment.
We aim at putting recreation in education. For example, we have insisted on installing slides that will go from the second floor to the ground one. Even the playgrounds have themes like the dinosaur theme for instance.

Waad Academy started registration for the upcoming school year. It will start with primary school from grades 1 to 6.

Tel: 920002398


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