Virgin’s August Gadgets

  • Pencil Wrap  SR 74.99

    Pencil Wrap 
    SR 74.99
    Use these bendable pencils to organize and identify your cords! Wrap your easy to use organizers around the cords to identify and group them together. Use pencil wraps anywhere you can otherwise use a zip tie, clip or wire twist. Set of 6 reusable wraps.

  • iBed Lap Desk  SR 74.99

    iBed Lap Desk 
    SR 74.99
    Use your tablet in bed, on the couch, on a plane, while you eat and more! This sturdy non-slip surface desk has a micro-bead cushion for maximum comfort, works with most tablets. Great for students, travelers or anyone else with a tablet computer.

  • Iron Man 3 Figurine SR 1,299

    Iron Man 3 Figurine
    SR 1,299
    Hot Toys is delighted to introduce this amazingly designed armor – 1/6th scale. It is specially crafted based on the image of Robert Downey Jr. as Silver Centurion in the movie, highlighting the detailed head sculpt, interchangeable battle damaged chest armor, forearm blades, and LED light-up functions.

  • Dry Erase Board SR 64.99

    Dry Erase Board
    SR 64.99
    Never forget another appointment with the help of this Weekly Agenda Dry Erase Board that looks just like a weekly agenda calendar. The front is made out of sturdy steel and has a card backing. It can be mounted to a wall using the included 3M adhesive tape or mounted to a magnetic surface like a refrigerator using the included magnets.This dry erase board also includes one black dry erase marker.

  • Today’s Menu Lunch Box

    Today’s Menu Lunch Box
    SR 79.99
    Bring your perfect lunch, packed in your perfect box. The box has two large compartments, large reusable spoon and fork, and one small compartment with a cover so you can easily separate your bread, rice cakes, salad dressing etc. The three compartments are suitable for heating in the microwave.


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