Via Riyadh’s Endless Marvels of Entertainment

Exclusivity in a few words with Via Riyadh! 

To enter and live through an exclusive and one-of-a-kind experience, Via Riyadh is the realm for that. This region is designed in the salmani architecture giving it a local touch and identity to its visitors by also merging the luxurious international brands with the local ones. Adding to the luxurious brands is the hotel, The St. Regis Riyadh. 

The St. Regis Hotel
This hotel is home to an array of services and amenities, including their seven high-end theaters, international restaurants, and cafes that for the first time in the country we will be seeing and trying. the St. Regis Riyadh offers its guests with its signature that is surrounded by its bespoke butler service and avant-garde style,  this statement of luxury is a piece of work that exhilarates a sparkling jewel in the VIA Riyadh crown. 

Via Restaurants
Wagyumafia is a collection of restaurants that honor and celebrate the versatility by serving an array of options of famous beef that represents Japan through the dynamic concepts. Yakinikumafia honors Wagyumafia with its range of grilled options. One technique they use is grilling their meat over fire. It is famed for the sustainably raised single breed wagyu and cutting-edge butchery techniques. 

More restaurants include the indian ‘Gymkhana’,  the glamorous and opulent ‘Scott’s’, the Italian ‘Madeo’, the Southern Californian ‘Spago’, New York Bistro ‘Raoul’s’, Italian ‘Spacca’, the French ‘Ferdi’, the American ‘Bianca’, ‘Joan’s on Third. Then, you will also stumble upon Mercato, which is a gourmet food hall that hosts something for every taste bud.

Cafes include the famous French aesthetic spots ‘Les Deux Magots’, street chain ‘Over Under’, and the French ‘Cafe Elle’.

Let’s go shopping!
Via’s elegant shopping experiences will take you places as you enter each shop on your visit. The shops include Richard Orlinski, Ashi, Elie Saab, Charles Oudin Paris, Maria Tash, Brandon Maxwell, Isaia, Bellucci, Sergio Rossi, Artfeena Boutique, Jacques La Coupe,

Elie Saab is a well-known haute couture Lebanese designer that represents his boutique through a wide range of the latest high-end fashion like his bridal gowns and occasional kidswear. 

Mohammed Ashi is creating wonders with his Arabian Peninsula Age-old aesthetic with the tradition of Couture.

Maria Tash is the first store in the country to offer piercing services while also offering fine jewelry and fancy piercings.

Via Theaters
Each cinema located has a distinctive attribute. Let’s elaborate; six of the Renaissance theaters and Vox cinemas are for full reservation, and the seventh to have your own seat for an exceptional cinematic experience. Each cinema hosts a specific theme that include Secret Garden, Avant Garde, Wall Street, Orient Express, Tuwaiq, Oasis, and InterStellar. 

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