Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Unplug and Unwind this Summer

Unplug and Unwind this Summer

Go offline and have a screen-free summer with these activities.

Karting at KAEC610A6182

Go karting just got really exciting with Arrive and Drive Go-Karting, an open practice against the clock rather than a head-to-head race. The 700-meter long track consists of fast straight routes, long fast corners and a good mixture of slower corners for every kind of driver. Protective gear is provided and the staff oversees every race to ensure safety.


The track is open to the public; all that is required is a booking in advance, which will provide the visitor a security pass that allows them to enter the city without a hassle.IMG_4292


Each drive is for 10 minutes.
Adults (Monday – Wednesday) SR 50
Adults (Thursday – Saturday) SR 75
Juniors – SR 35

Tel: 8001180010

Aviation Awesomeness DSC_0593

West Sky Aviation is offering classes and recreation flying trips to men and women in small planes and helicopters. Women need to abide by ministry regulations regarding female flying.DSC_0553

These air sports include:

Duration: Typically 2 weeks (30 hours)
Price: Around SR 5,000 (depending on activity)
Those interested in an air trip can only do so along the Jeddah Corniche on a small plane.
Duration: 10-15 minutes
Price: SR 350

Mob: +966-555556487
Tel: +966-12-2890572
Location: Across Red Sea Mall, Malik Rd.

Geocaching: Follow the Trail preview-lg

It’s a worldwide adventure that exists near you, a modern day treasure hunt. Sign up online to for free, find a trail you’re curious to follow, get the coordinates on your phone or GPS and then find the treasure.english_newyork

You’ll find small vessels or boxes with a log inside; write your codename, return it to exactly where you found it and trade trinkets if available. The easiest way to find the many paths around town is on the Geocaching app. You can even create your own trail through the website.


Unveil the Secret in the Room20160605_123356

Starting in Sharqiya, The Secret Room was inspired by the many puzzle rooms existing around the globe. It begins with you being trapped in a room with many clues around, you have to find them and solve the puzzle to escape. The Jeddah branch of The Secret Room has three rooms of two different themes.GOPR1723_1465119694185_high

One is a Sherlock Holmes themed room and the second is a Jack Sparrow inspired room. Each room takes a team of four to six people over 15 years old. Booking can be done online.20160605_125911

Price: Off peak times SR 125/per person, peak times SR 150/per person

Mob: +966-507717768

Summer Reading

My Library JeddahIMG_3274

Established in 2009 by a group of active women, My Library has continued to offer great reading programs to children of all ages. Throughout the years, it has been holding reading and story circles. Every Saturday, a puppet show is held for children and different activities take place every two weeks. Students and volunteers are always welcome.

Instagram: mylibraryjed
Tel: +966-12-2631709
Location: Elegant Home Building, Rawdah St.

Al Rawda CenterIMG_1455

Al Rawda District Center has announced the commencement of its girls’ book club. It aims at fostering the importance of reading and writing for girls ages 13-21. Participants are encouraged to write and share short stories of their own as well; other activities include poetry and prose sessions, all in both Arabic and English.

Instagram: alrawdagroup
Mob: +966-564984499
Location: Tahlia St., Behind Al Tazaj

Kick Back and Relax

Lounge by Aurum Café 04-2

The café provides the perfect ambience for a summer away from the hustle of the city. Over there, guests can enjoy delicious food and fun games, they have to be over 15 years and must reserve beforehand.

The variety of games available include:

Tel: +966-12-2906686/ +966-12-2906680 (Ext. 100)
Instagram: loungebyaurum
Location: South Obhur, Malik Rd.


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