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Aseel Al Hamad Joins Epic Hero Up Campaign at Disneyland Paris

Aseel Al Hamad

Unleashing Valor: Aseel Al Hamad, Saudi Motorsport Pioneer, Joins Epic Hero Up Campaign at Disneyland Paris

In a thrilling collaboration that combines motorsport and heroism, Saudi Arabian pioneer Aseel Al Hamad has joined the Hero Up campaign at Disneyland Paris, marking the first anniversary of the Marvel Avengers Campus. Aseel, along with 12 other inspiring individuals worldwide, is on a mission to inspire people to become everyday heroes.

Marvel Avengers Campus, which opened its doors a year ago at Disneyland Paris, has become a haven for adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies of all ages. With its immersive experiences and the chance to join forces with everyone’s beloved superheroes, the Campus has captured the hearts of visitors seeking to unleash their inner hero.

The Hero Up campaign, initiated by Disneyland Paris, shines a spotlight on 13 real-life heroic figures, including the remarkable Aseel Al Hamad. These individuals were exclusively chosen to embody the heroic values of strength, courage, generosity, and the ability to inspire others in their daily lives. As part of the campaign, the participants took part in an artistic photoshoot at the core of the Marvel Avengers Campus, collaborating with cast members from the Disneyland Paris Costuming workshop to create outfits that symbolize their heroism.

Aseel Al-Hamad, an accomplished Saudi Arabian interior designer, engineer, and motorsport enthusiast, brings her passion and determination to the Hero Up campaign. Her selection for this prestigious initiative is a testament to her strength, courage, and ability to inspire others. In this extraordinary project, Aseel gets the chance to explore a different kind of vehicle – the Avengers Deployment Vehicle – as she reveals her inner hero.

This unique collaboration between Aseel Al Hamad, Disneyland Paris, and the Marvel Avengers Campus showcases the power of passion, bravery, and the ability to make a difference. As Aseel joins forces with other remarkable individuals, their stories will inspire people around the world to embrace their own courageous qualities and make a positive impact in their communities. The Hero Up campaign at Disneyland Paris is a call to action for everyone to unleash their inner hero and create a world filled with courage, strength, and inspiration.

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