Turban Styles for Your Spring & Summer Adventures

Photo Credit: girlinthegreenhijab.files.wordpress

Whether it’s spring or summer you will want to travel, dress up and have fun.

Turbans are perfect accessories that compliment your travel outfits, just in case you want to put a twist on the traditional hijab.

Here are the top turban colors and styles for you to kick off your summer from a fellow hijabi who just adores turbans!

Prints and rainbows


Gone are the days where you have to stick to just one color for your headscarf. These prints are always fun to wear. Needless to say, if you will be wearing a printed turban make sure you pair it with the right outfit, one that is not drowning in a lot of lines and shapes.

Wrap it in a bow


Why wear a plain turban, when u can spice things up with a ribbon? If you are having trouble tying your own ribbon turban, just buy one with a built-in bow.

Twist again like we did last summer

Twisting up the sides of your turban is gaining momentum nowadays with more girls resorting to it as a way to keep their turbans fun and fresh looking.


Check out this video for a “how to” of tying turbans.

Here’s another video for tying headscarves, even if you are not a hijabi.

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