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Tried and Tested: 6 Yoga Stretches for the Office

By Seyma Saricimen

Working an 8-4 job can sometimes be a pain in the neck (literally). When your shoulders, back and neck start to scream, it calls for a session of what we like to call ‘chair yoga’.

It’s also a great way to stretch out all that tension without freaking out any of your coworkers.

1. Seated Backbend

While seated interlace your hands behind you and take a deep breath. As you exhale lean back in the upper back, and reach your clasped hands down toward the floor. Repeat again, but switch the clasping of your hands. Strengthens and stretches spine and shoulders.


2. Desk Shoulder Opener

Scoot your chair back a bit and place your palms on your desk next to each other. Drop your head between your arms to achieve a good shoulder stretch. This will counteract the hunching that happens when sitting at a desk.


3. High Altar Pose

Inhale and lift your arms; clasp your hands and invert your palms. Lean to your right and hold for 5 to 8 breaths, then switch sides. This will give you a great stretch on the sides of your torso and arms.


4. Cow Face Arms

Bring your left arm behind your back and right arm behind your head. Clasp your fingers (if you can) and hold for 5 to 8 breaths; switch sides. A great exercise to open up tensed shoulders.


5. Neck Stretch

Place your right hand on your head and gently pull your head down toward your right shoulder while reaching through to the floor with your left hand. Breathe for a few seconds and repeat on the opposite side. Stretches out and relieves the neck area.


6. Forward Fold with a Twist

Hinge forward with a while seated on your chair and place your left fingertips to the floor underneath your left shoulder while reaching your extended right arm up toward the ceiling and breathe in to the twist. Repeat on opposite side. Opens the chest and increases oxygen supply to the lungs.


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