Travel Light

Lighten your load and pack like a pro.

Let’s Roll

Carry-on luggage is the smart way to travel. Invest in a lightweight, roll-along case and wave goodbye to baggage reclaim, lost luggage and expensive cab fares at your destination. But do we warned, the sky does have a limit as many airlines stipulate size restrictions for overhead bags. Check before you buy.

Think Capsule Wardrobe

Less is definitely more if you want to travel light and still look stylish. Select colors carefully and pack key pieces that will mix and match to create multiple outfits. Choose accessories that are versatile. A shawl has multiple uses as a scarf, an extra layer for warmth and a cover-up on a beach. Lightweight sports clothes and swimwear take up very little space and are a must for making the most of hotel facilities.

Lotions and Potions

Toiletries can be heavy and bulky so decant essentials into small bottles and in addition make use of the hotel freebies. Optimize space further and pack cleansing wipes to replace your usual facial routine. Don’t forget your travel toothbrush and paste and remove items from packaging where possible.


Get Packing

Fit more in and reduce creasing with a well-packed, organized case. Packing cubes, see-through zip pouches, stuff sacks and shoe bags all help and make finding even the smallest of items quick and easy. Utilize the bottom end of the case (where the wheels are) for heavy items such as shoes and toiletries and notice how much easier the case is to pull.

Travel Savvy

Don’t be a technophobe when it comes to traveling. Travel details, essential paperwork and books can all be accessed on your smartphone, tablet or e-reader. Download your airline’s app before departure to have up to date flight information at your fingertips. Pack a multi-port USB charger and leave unnecessary plugs at home.

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