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Transforming Saudi Offices: INDEX Saudi Arabia

INDEX at Riyadh

As global corporations set their sights on Saudi Arabia, they are ushering in a new era of office design and fit-outs, prioritizing innovation, sustainability, and technology to attract a younger, tech-savvy Generation Z to the workplace, all of it uncovered at INDEX Saudi Arabia. 

According to insights from dmg events’ Workspace Industry Report, which delves into the evolving workplace landscape, workspace designers, architects, and fit-out specialists are leading the charge in reimagining traditional office spaces, integrating cutting-edge technology, wellness features, and sustainable elements to boost productivity. The report highlights a growing demand for smart office interiors that emphasize wellness and eco-friendly designs. Business leaders are reevaluating the role of the office, recognizing that it should be more than just a workspace; it should be a hub that enhances employee well-being and promotes sustainable practices.

Pallavi Dean, Founder of ROAR, a prominent figure in the design industry and a speaker at the forthcoming INDEX Design Talks event, emphasizes the importance of integrating global innovations and best practices into commercial projects in Saudi Arabia. She notes that today’s global workforce is diverse, requiring inclusive and collaborative spaces that cater to a broad demographic.

At INDEX Design Talks, Dean explores five essential strategies for designing optimal workplaces in Saudi Arabia, covering aspects such as productivity, wellness, and generative AI.

The rise of Generation Z, expected to comprise a quarter of the global workforce by 2025, is reshaping the workplace landscape. In the Middle East, Millennials and Gen Z already constitute over half of the workforce. Organizations, fit-out designers, and interior architects are adapting by creating designs that resonate with the preferences and needs of this younger workforce.

Elaine O’Connell, Vice President Design and Hospitality at dmg events, the organizer of INDEX Saudi Arabia, notes that Saudi companies are revamping their offices to cater to Gen Z’s demand for innovative, wellness-focused, and aesthetically pleasing workspaces. Companies are striving to attract and retain this new generation of workers through innovative design strategies.

INDEX Saudi Arabia, co-located with The Hotel & Hospitality Expo and the Lighting Design & Technology Expo, features a dedicated workspace and office sector zone showcasing innovative technology and products from leading brands in the commercial interiors market.

Joakim De Rham, CEO & Co-Founder of Swiss Bureau Interior & Design & Build and a speaker at INDEX Design Talks, emphasizes that a socially-conscious and tech-savvy Gen Z is reshaping global workplaces in Saudi Arabia. Offices are evolving to meet Gen Z’s ideals and multifaceted needs, with an emphasis on flexibility, wellness, and the integration of technology.

De Rham highlights the transformation of offices in Saudi Arabia, where functionality now goes hand-in-hand with technology and well-being. Offices are incorporating quiet spaces for introspection, meditation zones, dynamic collaboration areas, gyms, and nutritious food hubs. Ergonomic designs, energy-saving solutions, and sustainability elements are becoming central to office layouts.

Mohamed Mabrouk Gamea, Retail Business Manager at Office Hub by NMG, a leading exhibitor specializing in adaptable office furniture and workstations, predicts continued growth in the demand for high-quality office furniture. With Saudi Arabia’s focus on economic diversification and the development of modern, productive workspaces, the need for top-tier office furnishings remains robust.

The INDEX Design Talks event, spanning three days, features discussions and insights from the region’s leading architects, interior designers, fit-out companies, and global experts. Topics will encompass tailored hospitality experiences for the Gen Z market, the latest trends in interior design and architecture, and the role of Generative AI in shaping the future of work.

Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning workplace evolution promises to create dynamic, innovative, and sustainable workspaces that align with the aspirations and needs of the emerging workforce. As companies adapt to these shifts, Saudi Arabia’s rapid development and global alignment are reflected in its ever-evolving office landscape.


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