Top Tato

 By Nadine Hussain

Top Tato is one of the greatest places that sell new fashion collections for women and also offers unique, catchy pieces. You will never be able to find the material and designs they have anywhere else. The appropriate clothes they sell fit all kinds of occasions and celebrations. They sell a mixture of splendid colors of dresses, bloIMG_4164uses and Jallabiyas.

Nafesah Al-Kaf, who specializes in Arabian clothing, has also made a Jallabiya for your daughter or younger sister. She is the owner of the shop. Top Tato mostly offers Jallabiyas for all the ages, so you don’t need to worry anymore iabout finding the right size. Moreover, they have lately made Moroccan Jallabiyas that are very special to wear. You can match your dress or Jallabiya to an item of accessory that they offer.


Their prices vary depending on the material and design. Despite the sometimes-high prices, people tend to go there for every occasion; their collections are worth it!

Don’t hesitate to visit Tap Tato as Eid approaches, and be sure that you will leave the shop with contentment!


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