Where to Buy Your Kids’ Costumes in Jeddah


Children love dressing up; it’s their way of expressing their admiration towards a certain character. Whether it is a Disney princess, a Marvel superhero or any other character, you will find what your kids like in the stores we have gathered on this list.

Fantasy Party
Fantasy Party is your one stop shop for fun costumes. It encompasses a wide range of disguises that are bound to spread joy amongst your kids. Fantasy Party is also specialized in planning events such as birthday parties with loads of balloons and candy.
Go Bananas
Go bananas with your costume shopping. This section in Rawa’e Al Maktabat sells all the supplies you need to throw a great bash for your children.
Party Land
Party land is specialized in decorating, event planning and selling party supplies. Not only that but it can also arrange formal occasions such as corporate events and other festivities like baby showers. Aside from all the arrangements it does, it sells costumes for children to have fun in their pretend fantasy land.
Party Zone
Want to throw a wonderful birthday party? Complete with costumes, decorations and even bouncy castles and mini- petting zoos? Party Zone is your well… zone. Head to there and give your children the time of their lives.
Azhar Cherry on Top
Azhar Cherry on Top boutique can completely arrange your child’s party and supply his/ her costumes along with so much more. For both fun and beautiful events Azhar Cherry on Top will take care of everything and add the cherry on top.
Party Center
Filled with balloons, colorful party supplies and costumes, Party Center can fulfill all your party decoration needs.
If you prefer to buy the costumes online, head to coolcos2umes.com and find what you and your kids would like.

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