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Top 5 Saudi National Day Celebrations to Visit in Riyadh

Saudi National Day celebrations

The much anticipated Saudi National Day is finally here and what better way to celebrate it than to visit the spectacular sites in the city.

From fireworks and performances to food stalls and Bazaars, the Kingdom has arranged various events and activities to look forward to. We at Destination, have prepared a list of must visits in Riyadh for the upcoming weekend and here is where you should be headed. 


Via Riyadh

Whether it’s during the weekdays, or weekends,Via Riyadh is a people’s favorite to visit during their free time. With various events taking place throughout the year, the spot is always chosen to hold some kind of special event, and this time, for the much anticipated Saudi National Day, running from the 21st to 23rd of September, various events will be taking place. 

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Amongst the bustling and busy streets of Riyadh, BLVD City, is a well known spot in the Riyadh and a street lined with colorful art, different shops and a number of other things. With many events taking place throughout the year at BLVD City, this Saudi National day they will be hosting a remarkable Drone show, and an exciting Royal Guard March, all on the 23rd of September. 


Camel Club

The renowned Camel Club whether it’s during the day or the night hours, the Club has won the hearts of many, with a beautiful expanse that is worth seeing and occasional events. It is a must visit for this weekend, as they will be celebrating the Saudi National Day with various events of their being hosted for the people. 

For more visit: camelclub.gov.sa


Poetry Performance

Looking to go on a cultural and traditional endeavor this weekend for Saudi National Day? Look no further, traditional poetry performances await visitors at different Muvi cinema lounges. The poets include names such as Abdulrahman Bin Musaaid, Sultan Alsabhan, Turki Hamdan Alunzi, Hatem Alzahrani, and so many more performers. The performance is set to take place from the 18th to the 22nd of September. 


Koral Band Concert 

Events, activities and performances, Saudi National Day has so much in store for the Kingdom’s people. An important event to take note of, and save onto your calendar is the upcoming Koral Band performance taking place on the 23rd of September at Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University. 

For more visit: enjoy.sa


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