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Top 5 Fixes For Your Business’s Social Media

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Saudi Arabia’s entrepreneur sector is in an ever-growing stage. Everyday a new social media account is created for a new business.

Even though social media is a very effective marketing and communication tool it can be a little tricky to use it. Mistakes made here can ruin a company’s reputation to the ground.

However, worry no more we have for you the top 5 mistakes new businesses on social media make and their fixes.

Spreading yourself thin.
Being on every platform is not for every business, you need resources and content. Simply making an account and then not using it will not help your business in any way. It is better to use the platform your target audience is more active on.
Not consistent with updates.
Once you have launched your social media profile, it is very important to keep posting updates that are relevant to your business and your followers.
Building loyalty and relationships.
One of the biggest mistakes is not being active on your profiles. Not replying to queries or simply acknowledging a comment.
Not planning the content.
Ok so you created your social media profiles and now you are ready to be out there. Internet is pretty big, and in order to be good out there you MUST have a plan. So create a content strategy and experiment at first, whatever works with your audience stick with it.
Your profile is not complete.
Yes, it’s one of the most common mistakes that a business makes, not providing complete and enough information about the business in their description. Providing multiple ways to contact you is never going to hurt your marketing.

There are many mistakes, and fixes but these are the most common ones you need to follow.

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