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Top 5 Escape Rooms In Riyadh

Head to Game Over escape room this weekend

Mark your calendars for this summer, head to some of the best Escape Rooms in Riyadh. With sweltering summer heat and long days, experiencing an indoor activity with your family and friends is the ideal option for the season. From horror rooms that have you on your tiptoes to escape rooms that test your wit and time management, Destination has Riyadh’s favorite escape rooms listed out.  


The Escape Hotel 

Home to horror rooms, The Escape Hotel is a must try experience for you and your squad. If you are looking for an experience that involves extreme thrill and solving difficult riddles within a time limit, and in the dark with fellow creepers following you, this is definitely the next place on your list. Five rooms total, guests love specifically two rooms; The Mummy and The Kitchen.  

Instagram: theescapehotel

Location: Safia Bint Abdulmutalib St, Al Mohammadiyyah

Tel: +966-503792777


Want to experience the thrill of breaking free from a prison cell or escape the Egyptian pyramids with riddles that have you turning your thinking screws? Your next destination is Ahaji,, an escape room with three main rooms, all with their own unique stories and mysteries to solve. A fan favorite is the room that goes by Ward 23.

Instagram: ahaji_sa

Location: Abi Bakr As Siddiq Branch Rd, An Narjis


Escape the Room 

Ready to unleash your inner detective? Escape The Room in Riyadh is the ultimate thrill-seeking adventure where you and your friends can put your wits to the test. Solve puzzles, uncover secrets, and race against the clock to escape from immersive and challenging rooms such as Lost in Time and Mafia Kingdom. 

Instagram:  escapetheroomsa

Location: King abdulAziz Rd.


Game Over 

Wit, an adventurous spirit and remarkable time management skills is what you would need if your next destination is Game Over. Not your ordinary escape room, Game Over offers rooms that are suitable for all guests, whether your choice is  horror rooms such as The Walking Death or you simply want to test your problem solving skills in School of Magic, Game Over welcomes you with open arms. 

Instagram: gameover_riyadh

Location: Khalifah Ibn Badi, Al Mohammadiyyah



Last Hour 

Time is ticking! Step into the world of Last Hour escape room in Riyadh and embark on an exhilarating race against time. Gather your team, crack codes, unravel mysteries, and overcome challenges in their four main rooms. Will you outsmart the puzzles and make it out of Suit 76 or The Pirate’s ship? 

Instagram: lasthour_sa

Location: Abi Bakr As Siddiq Branch Rd, Al Wadi


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