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Top 5 Chalets in Riyadh

Mawan Chalet awaits you!

Escape to a weekend getaway at these amazing chalets. Nestled in scenic locations, these luxurious accommodations offer a perfect blend of comfort and tranquility. With spacious outdoor areas, refreshing swimming pools, and a range of other amenities, these chalets provide a serene retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you’re looking to bask in the sun by the pool, or celebrate a special occasion with loved ones, these chalets are the perfect places for you. 


Bolevar Chalet 

Soak up the sun and take the day off at Bolevar Chalet. With a grand outdoor area and a beautiful interior, the place holds various amenities such as a huge pool that has a waterfall above it, lounging seats, cozy bedrooms, and so much more. 

Instagram: bolevarksa

Location: Shaikh Abdullah Ib Jabreen St. , Al Qirawan.

Contact: +966-502463864


  • Weekdays: SR 1,000
  • Weekends: SR 1,700 – SR 1,900

Mawan Resort

A lifestyle right out of a movie scene, whether you’re there with family or friends, any of the Mawan Resorts brings you pure happiness and excitement. All areas have a cozy outdoor seating area, a pool, barbeque stand and a charming indoor space.  

Instagram: mawan.resort

Location: Ammariya St.

Contact: +966-503000924


  • Weekdays: SR 1,500
  • Weekends: SR 2,000 – SR 2,050

Dyan Chalet 

Looking for a mini weekend getaway? Look no further, Dyan Chalet is the perfect place to unwind and take it easy. Whether you’re looking to throw a pool party or celebrate any occasion or just enjoy some quality time with loved ones, any of it is perfect for the space. 

Instagram: dyan_chalet 

Location: Ammariya St.

Contact: +966-552582666


  • Weekdays: SR 1,500
  • Weekends: SR 2,000 – SR 2,050

Olin Chalet’s

With four main chalet’s, any of the Olin Chalets are definitely worth visiting for a fun family getaway. Whether you prioritize a large outdoor space and a pool for the kids or an elegant indoor area to host a party, Olin has all of that and so much more to offer you. 

Instagram: olinchalets

Location: Al Remal St.

Contact: +966-532778773


  • Weekdays: SR 1,000 – SR 2,000
  • Weekends: SR 1,500 – SR 3,000 

Q Garden

Spend the weekend at . Simple and minimalistic, Aseel Chalet is a cozy chalet and is ideal for any occasion or celebration. With a swimming pool suitable for both adults and children, lounging chairs, and many more amenities, it’s a people’s paradise. 

Instagram: qgardenvilla

Location: Dahiat Namar St.

Contact: +966-536999629


  • Weekdays: SR 1,800 
  • Weekends: SR 2,100 – SR 2,400

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