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Top 5 Chalets in Jeddah

Euphoria Chalet

Escape to your own private paradise at Jeddah’s coolest chalets. Nestled amidst the bustling streets, the chalets offer the perfect blend of relaxation and pure fun. Revel in the tranquil atmosphere, soak up the sun by the pool, and enjoy the many amenities they have to offer. Whether you’re seeking a weekend getaway or a fun-filled gathering with friends and family, Jeddah’s chalets have it all. 


Nadine Chalet 

Soak up the sun and take the day off at Nadine Chalet. With a grand outdoor area and a beautiful interior, the place holds various amenities such a huge pool, cozy bedrooms and their most anticipated, an indoor cinema room . It is also the perfect place to hold a party. 

Instagram: na.chalet1

Location: Al Harazat Dist., Ibn Haydarah



  • Weekdays: SR2,000
  • Weekends: SR2,500

Euphoria Chalet

Just like the name suggests, whether you’re there with family or friends, the place brings you pure happiness and excitement. The area entails lights decorating the space, two pools, swings and a charming indoor space.  

Instagram: euphoria.chalet

Location: North Obhur, Al Zumurud Dist. , Malik Saud Rd. 



  • Weekdays: SR 1,800
  • Weekends: SR 2,000 – SR 2,300



Loca Chalet

Looking for a mini weekend getaway? Look no further, Loca Chalet is the perfect place to unwind and take it easy. Whether you’re looking to throw a pool party or celebrate any occasion or just enjoy some quality time with loved ones, all of them are the correct choices!

Instagram: loca.chalet

Location: Al Amwaj, Jeddah



  • Weekdays: SR1,500
  • Weekends: SR1,800

Al Maha Cabin

Located in North Obhur, Al Maha Cabin is definitely worth visiting for a fun family getaway. Extravagant, elegant, and simply picturesque, the chalet not only has a large pool but a jacuzzi and an amazing villa accompanying it all. 

Instagram: almaha.cabin

Location: North Obhur, Jawhara Al Aroos



  • Weekdays: SR 2,000 
  • Weekends: SR 2,250 – SR 2,500

Aseel Chalet

 Spend the weekend at Jeddah’s very own little Greece. Simple and minimalistic, Aseel Chalet is a cozy chalet and is ideal for any occasion or celebration. With a swimming pool suitable for both adults and children, lounging chairs, and many more amenities, it’s a people’s paradise. 

Instagram: aseel.cht

Location: Al Raheli, Taiba Dist.



  • Weekdays: SR 1,250 – SR 1,850
  • Weekends: SR 1,200 – SR 1,500

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