Top 4 Ways of Improving Public Speaking in Jeddah

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One skill that a person can use no matter what phase of life they’re in is public speaking.

It comes in handy during presentations, meetings with clients and even meetings with bosses. Once acquired, this skill can become an asset, helping you cruise your way through presentations. Here are some of the best ways to improve on public speaking in Jeddah:

This is an internationally renowned club that has primarily been created to improve people’s public speaking skills. The great thing about this club is that there are many options in Jeddah to choose from such as Nesma Toastmasters, Tanglaw Toastmasters and Jeddah Elite Ladied Toastmasters to name a few. Not only do you get a manual outlining the type of speeches you can do, but you also get effective feedback on each speech and are challenged to improve every time. By becoming a part of the Toasmasters community, you are not limited to just one club but can join any club no matter where you are in the world, all you have to do is find the nearest club, sign up on the website and you’re good to go! It’s a wonderful, friendly community to be a part of who are always going to try and help you with whatever you’d like to work on.

Nesma Toastmasters Tanglaw Toastmasters Jeddah Elite Ladies Toastmasters

Model United Nations:

Model United Nations is basically a demo of how the actual United Nations works. With a chance to debate on important world issues such as poverty, terrorism, the environment etc, members of Model UN clubs get to work on speaking in front of an audience, convincing them of their country’s perspective and debate on the spot. It trains individuals in improvised thinking and speaking and is a great way to get rid of stage fright. Many schools and universities like Dar Al Hekma University have a model UN club that organizes a local conference every year that you can sign up for as a participant.

Dar Al Hekma Model United Nations
Public Speaking Courses:

The Knowledge Academy is a website that tells you about courses in different fields around the country. Courses on public speaking and voice projection are being offered to Jeddawis from November to February. It is a great way to gain professional training in speaking to an audience effectively, especially in the professional world.

Knowledge Academy Courses in Jeddah

Another great way to improve on getting over stage fright and work on public speaking is joining debate teams within the city. Usually offered to university students, debate clubs at Effat University, Dar Al Hekma University and Prince Sultan College are an efficient way to learn the art of convincing an audience in a limited time period. Debates focus on voice projection, the importance of the content and the convincing power of the speaker in addition to discussing key societal issues. It is a creative and interactive way of learning to improve on public speaking.

Student Clubs at Effat University Dar Al Hekma Debate Club


Prince Sultan College Debate Club

There are many more ways in which you can improve on public speaking even while at home but if you’d like an interactive experience, the above options are the way to go!

Happy speaking! 

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