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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Top 20 Things To Do in Riyadh | Tripadvisor Riyadh

Top 20 Things To Do in Riyadh | Tripadvisor Riyadh

There are tons of things to do in riyadh. Top 20 Things To Do While In Riyadh, but which one is the best? To search for our answer we turned to TripAdvisor riyadh to know what do Riyadhis and visitors to Riyadh think are the best things to do while in Riyadh.

Some of the things to do on this list are surprising. I personally never knew if some of ‘things’ in this list were possible in Riyadh. Without further ado, here’s the list.

20. Al Nakheel Mall


Despite being relatively new on Riyadh’s mall scene that already has hordes of malls, Al Nakheel Mall has managed to become one of the most popular malls in the city in no time.

19. King Khalid Grand Mosque


Truly grand as in its name, the mosque can house thousands of worshipers at any given time. It is also a very popular spot for Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan.

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18. Tahlia Street


Many consider this to be the fanciest street in Riyadh, this is where one can get to see a totally different side of the Capital.

17. Panorama Mall


It houses an amazing children’s play area, the biggest brands, a food court that has outlets from many international food chains and is located right at the heart of the city. What more could one ask for?

16. King Abdullah Park

Photo Credits: Abs Caballero
Photo Credits: Abs Caballero

With an amazing dancing fountain at its heart and plenty of recreation spots for the younger ones, King Abdullah Park is the perfect spot for family picnics. and one of the best things to do in riyadh.

15. Naila Art Gallery

g1_Naila Art Gallery Riyadh top 20

If you are an art lover and happen to be in Riyadh, then you’ve got to visit the Naila Art Gallery. It houses numerous pieces of arts from local and international artists.

14. Riyadh Zoo

Photo Credits:
Photo Credits:

You can spend hours here marveling at the wildlife from around Arabia and beyond.

13. Equestrian Club Of Riyadh

Photo Credits:
Photo Credits:

If you’re tired of the malls, museums and parks of Riyadh and are looking for something new to do then head to the Equestrian Club.

12. Saqer-Aljazirah Aviation Museum

Photo Credits: TripAdvisor
Photo Credits: TripAdvisor

Get familiar with the Kindom’s aviation history through this place which is equally enjoyable for the children as it is for the adults. This is a must-visit for aviation aficionados. You can even fly a Boeing Flight Simulator while you’re there.

11. Salam Park


A place where one can go with their families and just sit back and enjoy the tranquility and greenery – without having to travel out of the city.

10. King Abdulaziz Historical Center

Photo Credits:
Photo Credits:

Highly informative; to really understand Saudi Arabia better this is the place to be.

9. Al Rajhi Grand Mosque


The largest mosque in Riyadh, this mosque is an architectural marvel and is considered to be one of the most significant Islamic institutions in the city.

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8. Riyadh Gallery Mall


Another things to do in riyadh. Everything you need under one roof.

7. Granada Center


A place where you can literally shop till you drop, put your bags back in the car and come start all over again. That’s how big a mall it is and that’s how large the number of brands it houses under its roof are.

6. Wadi Hanifah

154500 wadi hanifah 20 things in riyadh

A favorite escapade for Riyadhis, this 75 mile long valley assures you of plenty of greenery and flowing water channels.

5. Old Dir’aiyah

Photo Credits:
Photo Credits:

Riyadh Region’s very own UNESCO World Heritage Site, a walk through Dir’aiyah is bound to transport visitors to the past.

4. Masmak Citadel

Photo Credits: Noor Photography|
Photo Credits: Noor Photography|

Revisit the country’s rich history by visiting this stronghold of the founder of the Kingdom, King Abdul Aziz.

3. Al Faisaliyah Center

Photo Credits: Edward Patanao
Photo Credits: Edward Patanao

We have just one word for the observation deck of this high-rise and that is – amazing.

2. National Museum


Boasting of housing by far the richest of the country’s artifacts, the National Museum is unrivaled by any another museum in the country today.

1. Kingdom Centre

Photo Credits: Andrew's Photography
Photo Credits: Andrew’s Photography

The towering skyscraper is undoubtedly the most popular landmark of Riyadh, but it’s also the best place for visitors as well. With a fantastic mall on the lower levels, a restaurant that redefines dining experiences and an observatory that offers unparalleled views of the city that we call home, it is without a doubt a place where each member of the family can have a great time.


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