Top 10 Things to Do at Jeddah Waterfront

As a port city, Jeddah has fully embraced the chill seaside vibe and the Jeddah Waterfront is a prime example of local culture meshing with urban living.

1. The Island Mosque

A Jeddah icon, this mosque is built on a tiny island on the northern part of the Corniche. This architectural accent to the Jeddah landscape looks extra magnificent with a sunset backdrop over the sea.

2. Go Fish

In early mornings, you’ll find fishing enthusiasts hunched over the JWF rails waiting for fresh catch. There’s a dedicated fishing pier too, where you’ll find vendors selling basic equipment if you decide to go on a whim.

3. Take a Bike!

Rent a bike at one of the shops located close to the New Corniche and pedal away.

Sourced Photos

Sourced Photos

4. Take a Stroll on The Longest Pedestrian Bridge

This lights up with starry-like led lights in the evenings and gives you a spectacular view of the sunset.

Tip: visit at night

5. Roll Out The Picnic Mat

Want the real Jeddawi experience? Buy a 3-riyal cup of tea and grab some fis fis from one of the stalls and just watch the waves.

6. Chill At The XJED

Waiting for the next act on stage? Walk along XJEDDAH and you’ll discover a ton of activities, from food trucks, air slingshots, to live performances happening throughout the season.

7. TRY Flyboarding!

Among other watersports you’ll get to experience as part of Jeddah Season.

Sourced Photos

Sourced Photos

8. Outdoor Museum

Check out the 20 sculptures that celebrates the city’s art culture.

9. Get Some Nostalgic Rush

Our youth was defined by visits to amusement parks, and they’re right across the corniche.

10. Discover The Sea In A Submarine

This Jeddah Season you’ll get the chance to dive deep into the waters in a sub. Breaking out in a Beatles song is optional. Check out the calendar for details!

Must Know

1. There are charging stations and Free WiFi along the New Waterfront area.

2. It will take 1 to 1.5 hours to complete an end to end walk on the waterfront including stops for stall fries and snacks (a must)

3. There’s a golf cart ride available at different points

4. Bring cash should you wish to purchase small items from the roving vendors of knick knacks

5. JWF is most bustling from sunset all the way to after midnight. From Thursday-Saturday, expect heavy traffic late into the night (but it’s fun and part of the local experience)

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