To Mom, With Love

By Jou Pabalate and Areeb Al Shathri

Ten ways to make your mama happy this Mother’s Day.

  1. Surprise her with breakfast. Tip toe into the kitchen and prepare your mom’s favorite morning meal. This requires waking up extra early, but remember all those years she got up at the crack of dawn to pack your lunchbox.
  1. Don’t just buy a bouquet of flowers, make it extra meaningful by trying thank you notes on each stem. Work with your dad and siblings, and have each one write down what they appreciate about mom the most.
  1. Pamper her like a queen. You don’t even have to book an appointment at your local spa, let the spa come to her with a home service one.
  1. Put a spin on family photos. If you’re feeling crafty and creative, make a keepsake for your mom. You can be conventional and have your family photo blown up. Put in extra effort and recreate an old photo of you and your siblings for the ultimate family throwback she can put it on display and laugh about it.
  1. Let the kids do all the work. Is mama a grandma? Let the grandchildren do all the work then. Have them do a song, a greeting, and capture it on video. You can also make them draw a portrait of her and have it framed. Greeting cards work too.04-dr-march-2017-48-63-4
  1. Take her out the day before and the day after. Mother’s Day isn’t just a day. Have the initiative to do something she likes with her, without her even asking.
  1. Take her shopping and have her pick her own gift. Moms are always busy getting stuff for everyone else, they often forget themselves. Now it’s her turn to go on a spree.04-dr-march-2017-48-63-5
  1. Yes, vouchers. Personalize the vouchers to suit your mother’s parental needs such as a, “no, with no debate” voucher or maybe an “attend wedding on my behalf” coupon.
  1. Say yes. Whatever she asks you do on Mother’s Day, say yes, without complaining about your tasks! (You’re welcome, moms.)
  1. Ask her what SHE wants. Set out to create the ideal day for your mom based on her desires. She’ll try to pivot to what you might be up for, but that’s just her motherly instincts taking over. Push her to think about herself, and be careful not to take what she asks lightly.

There’s no need to wait for Mother’s Day to make the queen of the family feel special. Do these sweet nothings any time to make your mama smile!

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