Tips and Techniques for Business Success in the 21st Century

By Isra Athar

If you are new to the world of the business, there are a few hacks that help in achieving the optimal results.

  1. If you are applying in a big firm, never write too detailed C.V. (just mention the skills and information in precise manner) as they do not have the time and patience to go through it completely and it would probably be filtered out.


  1. If you are the hiring manager, do not only look for experience, look for a candidate who is good with not only technical skills, but has other characteristics of a good employee to have the efficient work environment. Choose wisely!!!


  1. As a firm, backup suppliers must always be present for emergency situations otherwise you and your business is doomed.


  1. Encourage employees to interact with colleagues and management face to face and decrease usage of emails or other social sites as it helps workers to feel more relaxed and wanted.


  1. Plan sufficient training and brain exercising programmes within the company to help the employees grow and enhance efficiency and productivity. Such programmes aid in boosting the energy levels of employees.



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