Time is Sacred

By Nourah Al Khunaini

Learn the art of time management during Ramadan.

Between fewer working hours, needing more time for worship and trying to keep up with the overflowing social calendar, it’s no surprise that time becomes the most valuable (and scarce) resource during Ramadan.

Use the following tips to get a handle on your time this holy month:

Set goals for yourself and make them clear:
Be specific about what you want to achieve. Break your goals down into digestible steps to make it easier for you to accomplish.

Plan your day in advance:
Allocate time for your personal goals, work and spirituality. Keeping a planner can definitely help.

  • Try to work on tasks that need a lot of focus and concentration early because that’s when you have the most energy.
  • Take advantage of the early hours of the day when you’re up for suhoor. Might as well use your time efficiently.

Plan your meals:
Write down what you want to make for each day of the week. If you can prepare for the meal a day before, do it.

Three things to avoid:
Procrastination, multi-tasking and complex recipes. All you’ll end up with is a lot of stress, very little productivity and a lingering sense of being overwhelmed. Who wants that while they’re fasting?

Don’t pass up suhoor:
Skipping it is only going to punish your future self the next day with zero energy and a lot more stress.

Prioritize and sacrifice:
You’ll have to sacrifice some of your usual activities in Ramadan. Figure out your priorities and find the balance that works for you.

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