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Why Pets Are Good for Kids

Why Pets Are Good for Kids

Everyone knows pets are adorable, but not many people are aware of the actual benefits of having pets.

Reasons why having a pet will be great for your kid:

  1. Companionship

Pets make great friends, especially cats and dogs. Children get along very well with animals and vice versa. A little kitten or puppy will easily become your child’s best friend and you won’t have to worry about your child feeling lonely.

  1. Better Learning

Kids want to do everything with their pets. Many little kids read to their cat or dog and this helps them develop their reading skills. What encourages kids is that pets are nonjudgmental and let them make mistakes. Curling up with a cat to read feels amazing and so much better than having it feel like a chore.

  1. Comfort

According to one study, 5-year-old kids who said they went to their pet for comfort were noted to be less anxious and worried by their parents. Basically, if a kid has a pet they’re likely to have healthier emotions.

  1. Better nurturing skills

Taking care of a pet will allow the child to have better nurturing skills. The great thing is that both boys and girls love taking care of the pet and this results in a healthy attitude towards taking care of others.

  1. Healthy attitude.

Interacting with a cat, dog, bird or even a hamster will allow your child to develop a healthy attitude towards animals. They will learn that even animals can get hurt, have feelings and need love and care.

  1. Avoid weight gain.

If your child is becoming lethargic getting a cat or dog will make them more physically active. This is especially important in today’s world where kids are getting addicted to technology.

  1. Stronger immune system.

Being exposed to animals at a young age allows kids to develop a stronger immune system that works against allergies. Of course, it’s important to know that some people are allergic to certain pets like dogs so you shouldn’t force the interaction in this case.

  1. Fighting depression.

Having a pet will help your child fight depression and similar tendencies of sadness and loneliness.

  1. Higher cognitive development.

According to one study, kids with pets had a greater cognitive development. Kids also learn nonverbal communication when they interact with pets.

  1. Responsibility.

Kids who learn to take care of pets and their needs are known to be more responsible and emotionally mature. These tasks can be feeding the pet, walking the dog, making sure there’s enough water in the bowl and so on.

  1. Good for the family.

Getting a pet is great for the family too because the pet is more than likely to bring members together and increase communication. When the pet becomes the center of attention, everyone participates!

  1. The circle of life.

It’s important for children to have a healthy idea about life and death. When a little goldfish or a beloved cat passes away the child will learn to cope with sadness and grief. Getting another pet after a period of time will allow the child to understand that life must go on.

So what are you waiting for?! Adopt a pet today!


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