Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Trending Sports of 2022

The Trending  Sports of 2022

When you’re done getting motivated, we’ve arranged some spots you can turn into your playground and the trending sports keeping the nation on its feet.

%d8%aa%d8%aaPadel Tennis

A sport that originated in Mexico has found itself rallying in the courts of Saudi Arabia. Padel Tennis is often described as a hybrid of squash and tennis. You get to play in an enclosed court, 25% smaller than the size of a tennis court, and the walls let people rally for longer. It first grew in popularity in Spain and Portugal but has since grown in other countries, partly due to its social dynamics and easy-to-learn mechanics. Hence, it’s no wonder why it’s rising to its peak in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.


– B Padel
Location: Jeddah, Al Khalidiyyah Dist.

– Padel Rush
Location: Riyadh, Hittin Dist.

Location: Sharqiyah, Uqba bin Rabee’a, Al Basatin

27860ee9-dae7-4789-8c6d-2871750c1492Muay Thai

A ‘kiai’ to Muay Thai! This sport is also referred to as Thai Boxing. Muay Thai originated in Thailand, where it is now a national sport, and gained further popularity worldwide in the early 2000s. It is known as the ‘art of eight limbs’ as fists, elbows, knees, and shins are used in
this sport. The growing interest in Muay Thai is partly due to its influence in MMA (mixed martial arts), which brought the sport into the cages of Vegas and now to the mats of Jeddah, Riyadh, and beyond.


– MMA Jeddah
Location: Jeddah, Younboua, Al Faisaliyyah Dist.
Instagram: mmajeddah

– Riyadh Combat Club
Location: Riyadh, Al Hamra Dist.
Instagram: ry.combat

– Body Masters and Martial Arts Academy
Location: Khobar, Al Bayuniyah St., Al Janubiyah
Instagram: bodymasterssa

Sourced / Siteen Street
Sourced / Siteen Street


A popular sport in Saudi, more people are growing a passion for skating and finding a thrill in the adrenaline rush. Skating has always allowed for the growth of subcultures. The Skater community in Saudi is fueled by shops like Siteen Street in Jeddah selling skateboarding equipment and further pushing forward the practice among the youth.

Skateparks are opening up all over the country, with the most notable one being in Boulevard Riyadh. BLVD Skate Park also gives people a chance to learn skateboarding through their available classes with professionals. The Saudi Extreme Sports Federation included skating and skydiving as the first of many sports to come in the future.

Sourced / Siteen Street
Sourced / Siteen Street

– Saudi Extreme Sports Federation
Location: Riyadh, Al Olaya
Tel:  +966-112015753

– Saudi Skate Parks
Location: Riyadh Boulevard
Instagram: saudiskateparks

– Siteenstreet Skate Shop
Location: Jeddah, As Salamah

Sourced / Golf Club Riyadh
Sourced / Golf Club Riyadh


Swing easy! While Golf has been around in Saudi for quite some time, its popularity has seen a jolt and surge in the past couple of years. Women, in particular, are being encouraged now more than ever to get on the greens and give it a swing. In Saudi, there are a total of 14
Golf courses.

Sourced / the royal greens
Sourced / The Royal Greens

– The Royal Greens
Location: King Abdullah Economic City, Al Murooj Dist.

– Golf Club Riyadh
Location: Riyadh, Al Aarid Dist.
Instagram: golfclubriyadh

– Rolling Hills Golf Course Clubhouse
Location: Sharqiyah, Gharb Al Dhahran, Dhahran

gene-devine-ywjy-8ivag4-unsplashHorseback Riding

Equestrianism has always been a celebrated sport in Saudi culture. Many horse lovers are setting up their stables where they raise the horses and teach the art of horse riding. It is a great sport that uses almost all the muscles in the body. Here is a list of some of the best ranches to explore for horse riding.

Sourced /  Black Horse KSA
Sourced / Black Horse KSA

– Saudi Equestrian Federation
Location: Ar Rafiah, Riyadh

– Voyage Equestrian Club
Location: Aljenadryah St. Ash Sharq, Riyadh
Instagram:  voyage_ksa

– Black Horse
Location: Al Bahar, Al Khobar
Instagram:  blackhorse.ksa


The richness of the Red Sea attracts divers from all over the world. The sport was introduced to Saudi a while back, with more people discovering the unimaginable beauties the Red Sea has to offer. Today, we have multiple driving schools in the coastal cities with many shops for buying and renting diving equipment. Saudi Arabia is marking itself as a hub for diving all over the world.

Today, we have multiple driving schools in the coastal cities with many shops for buying and renting diving equipment. Saudi Arabia is marking itself as a hub for diving all over the world.


– Saudi Watersports and Diving Federation
Instagram: swsdfksa

– Al-Haddad Scuba
Location: Jeddah, Al Lulu

– Dive Point
Location: Jeddah, Al Amwaj


Foosball, also known as table football, dates back to 1921 when British Harold created the first version followed along by Alejandro Finisterre; a Galician inventor whose version is the one played today. The typically known table is approximately 20 cm long and usually contains 8 rows of plastic, wooden, or sometimes foos men made of carbon fiber placed on horizontal metal bars.

Recently, Foosball has graduated beyond the arcades and into legit sports status in Saudi, with an actual Saudi Table Soccer Association being established.

Where to buy a Foosball table

– Sports House Al Faleh
Location: Jeddah, Falastin St., Al Hamra Dist.

– Active Fitness Store
Instagram:  activefitnessstore

– Sport Ghornatah
Location: Al Khobar, Al Shamalia

pexels-abdulla-hafeez-10288182Kite Surfing

First introduced about a decade ago, this sport took some time to kick-off due to some safety and regulations. With almost an absence of licensed kitesurfing schools in Saudi, the only way one can learn this sport in Saudi at the moment is through private sessions with certified instructors. The Saudi weather is perfect for kitesurfing since the beach is accessible almost year long with strong winds carrying the kite surfers and allowing for a pleasant yet safe experience. The Saudi Sailing federation is working on pushing forward water sports in Saudi and utilizing the beautiful coasts we possess. Kitesurfing is part of the long-term plan with hopes of more and more licensed schools setting up shop in Saudi, allowing more people to learn this exhilarating sport.


– Saudi Sailing Federation
Instagram: sailsaudi

– Kitejump School Jeddah
Location: Jeddah, Mastabah


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