Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Season of Outdoor Dining!

The Season of Outdoor Dining!

rooftop restaurant jeddah ,While December, January and February are months of indoor snuggling in most cities, it is definitely not the case for Jeddah.

outdoor restaurant jeddah

In fact, these are the peak times for enjoying some AC-free outings. So make the most of this fantastic weather and dine in the open-air for the coming couple of months!

Fill your days (and your appetite) with fresh morning breakfasts, lunches in the bright sunshine, afternoon tea gatherings and pleasantly breezy dinners!

1. U shape center – Al Rawdah Street

The recent opening of the cluster of restaurants and cafes in this compound has been highly anticipated. With Em Sherif – Lebanese cuisine, The Sandwich gallery, The bagel bar and Leila – homemade Lebanese food all offering picturesque outdoor spacing, this is definitely going to be Jeddah’s new hangout spot during the next coming months.

Recommended for: breakfast, brunch and lunch.


2. Salmontini Le Resto – Corniche

This fine-dining restaurant lives up to all its

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grandeur. A magnificent standalone restaurant, with beautiful yet simple architecture, really takes you to a world, other than busy Jeddah. The French-Lebanese menu places Salmon at its epicentre, focusing on creating dishes that enhance the tasting experience for those who enjoy the finer yet simple foods.

Recommended for: dinner and special occasions.


3. Medd Café and Roastery– Corniche

If you enjoy the art of coffee, then this newly opened establishment, open from 4:30 to 10:00 pm on weekdays, is for you. Not only do they offer the best coffee, the atmosphere as connoisseurs take your orders and artistically create the perfect coffee for you to enjoy, is enough to make you for in love over and over again. The rustic décor and the glass windows allow you to thoroughly enjoy this experience. If visiting on your lonesome, I would suggest a good read to take with you- I don’t think it gets better than that.

Recommended for: afternoon coffee pit stop.


4. Paul – Near Danube, Tahlia

A world-known French eatery, this outdoor cafe jeddah  is famous for its pastries, selection of sandwiches, beverages and of course their macaroons- not as heavenly as Laudree, but enough to satisfy your cravings. The small boxes of macaroons can easily double up as a mini gift for a special one. The outdoor seating is extremely spacious, with enough room for children to enjoy a bit of scooter or bike fun, while you sip on tea and enjoy a nice summer day breeze.

Recommended for: breakfast and brunch.


5. Piatto – La Chateau, Tahlia

This recently opened branch of this favorite Italian restaurant, opened in Le Chateau last year. It has since become a hotspot for families and friends looking to enjoy the good weather, while feasting on an array of Italian delicacies. Piatto offers daytime and business lunch offers that are perfect for a midday brunch under the sun. The fresh ingredients, the great and welcoming customer service and affordable prices, means this place should be on your list. The family outdoor seating is located precisely in the middle of the square, opposite Amouage, there is a separate outdoor area for men.

Recommended for: brunch or dinner.


6. Blue Ocean – Faqeeh Aquarium

With a separate entrance to the aquarium, this restaurant perfectly complements the beauty of the sea. Walls painted blue, blue cocktails and even blue uniforms make you feel for a second that you are in fact ‘under the sea’. Though most of the food offered is fried seafood, their cocktails and outdoor seating; directly overlooking the sea, is made for summer nights with a light breeze. It can be a bit crowded and they don’t reserve tables, so it’s best to go a bit earlier than usual.

Recommended for: early evening gatherings.


7. La Terrasse – Aster center, Tahlia

This rooftop café, located on the side of Aster center right above the Bentley showroom, has become one of the coolest places for Jeddah’s young crowd; the calm breeze on this 3rd floor rooftop venue is absolutely spectacular. The restaurant offers two separate outdoor areas separated by a spacious indoor smoking free-zone. The menu offers various dishes from several cuisines, their cocktails are wonderfully mixed and their desserts are quite indulgent. So, if you’re looking for a quiet spot to enjoy time away from the children with the hubby, while he watches football, or if you’re simply looking for a quiet place to enjoy a night out with friends, this is the place for you.

Recommended for: dinner and desserts.


8. Aster center – Tahlia

Agave restaurant and Avenue restaurant and lounge, located on different floors of the Aster center (the former on the 8th and the latter on the 2nd floor); provide a lounging experience, for those looking to enjoy an almost fine-dining experience with a stunning view of Jeddah. Located high up in the center, both lounges offer similar menus; Mediterranean cuisine, but with almost entire rooftops of outdoor seating. Due to their popularity especially on weekends, it is worth giving a call to book a table, if possible.

Recommended for: dinner and lounging.


9. Nosh Lounge – Hail Street

This lounge is a very popular spot for weekend nights; but we also discovered that it’s a great place to enjoy a delicious open-air breakfast. With its Moroccan ambiance, the terrace of Nosh Lounge brings an authentically Arabian experience that sets it aside from other cafes in town. Ranging from gourmet sandwiches to fool (cooked fava beans); the varieties on the menu are guaranteed to satisfy your spontaneous food desires.

Recommended for: breakfast and dinner.


10. Zodiac – Al Andalus road

This trendy restaurant has one of the highest outdoor terraces in Jeddah; and therefore a higher sense of the fresh breeze. We prefer Zodiac in the evenings – although it’s open for lunch as well; the aura of the place better fits a night outing, particularly for special occasions. The international culinary dishes served are delectably creative, with truly artistic presentations.

Recommended for: dinner.


11. The Courtyard – Al Khalediyah

Semsom, Kalila and Aseil have prepared their outdoor setup for the open air season! Starting 1 pm, you can enjoy your favorite dishes from these 3 restaurants in the shaded outdoor areas. Generally, the atmosphere at The Courtyard is simple, laid back and unpretentious; and this is what we love about it. Go with your family or friends for an early dinner and spend the evening in this pleasantly multicultural complex – in terms of visitors and food outlets!

Recommended for: lunch and dinner.


12. Park Hyatt Marina – Al Hamra Corniche

This venue created a lot of

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buzz when it first opened – it is classy, breezy and with a sea view! With a numerous selection of cafes and restaurants, the Park Hyatt Marina is a great destination to spend your afternoons and evenings in. For the early birds, Cappuccino Café is open from 8am – it will definitely become your morning spot if you try it out. Nafoura is worth visiting, at least for the spectacular view, if not the tempting menu.

Recommended for: late afternoon tea.


13. Cuisine Halawani – Andalus Street

The location is superb, as it is almost always relatively calm on that side of Andalus St., and there is enough space for the view and the air flow. The restaurant is preferred for dinner. Better yet, why not go there around sunset and enjoy the view with the yummy food.

Recommended for: late lunch and dinner.


14. Mélange – Tahlia

This beautifully decorated modern lounge has lately become one of Jeddah’s hotspots. With two separate terraces, Mélange is spaciously designed to accommodate both the smokers and non-smokers comfortably. Try their salads, steak and pastas, you’ll sure love them. The shisha is also pretty creative, in terms of shape and flavors, fitting the modern theme of the lounge.

Recommended for: dinner.


15. Al Nakheel – Corniche

If you’ve been in Jeddah since the 90s, then you’ve definitely visited Al Nakheel at some point. Authentically Saudi in essence, this restaurant is a lovely place to spend the evening at with a big group of friends or your entire family. If you haven’t gone yet, you must do soon– it is almost a city landmark!

Recommended for: dinner.


16. Belajio – Corniche

Outdoor dining at this entertainment resort is truly exceptional. Located on an island on Jeddah’s Corniche, the view and the weather are incredible. The outdoor restaurant, Dar Al Qamar, is an Arabian cuisine with Saudi ambiance; this place is a good option for evening get-togethers in a vibrant setting. The place does get over-packed on weekends, so if you want to enjoy the merits of this place, go on weekdays instead.

Recommended for: mornings, brunches and dinner.


17. Naranj – Off Sari Street

This restaurant, almost palace-like is beaut

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ifully decorated with a Middle Eastern ambiance, Naranj is great for outdoor dining. It is close to Jarir Bookstore on Sari St., so its location is easy to find. Sit outside by the fountain and enjoy the calmness of the water along with the cool breeze. As for the food, you can never go wrong with any of their plates that belong to the Levant area. Pure deliciousness!

Recommended for: lunch and dinner.


18. Oasis – Off Sari Street

Slightly further down from Naranj, opposite Pink Camel and Useless store, this little local restaurant/ café offers a moderate outdoor seating for both families and bachelors. When driving by, you will mostly see football matches playing on their numerous TV screens. If you’re looking to enjoy a match or a bit of sport with friends, this is the place to be. They are also offering weekday offers, which can be found on

Recommended for: match nights and a quick chill session.



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