Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Cabin Life in Jeddah

The Cabin Life in Jeddah

Explore the getaways and lodges of Saudi.

Between mountainous getaways, beach retreats, and even luxury desert glamping options, this is our pick of cabins and alternative accommodations around the country. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, and experience an immersive, authentic yet modern stay while also connecting with the stunning natural surroundings that Saudi has to offer.

Boho the Beach
Boho the Beach

Boho the Beach

Set as a peaceful bohemian-themed getaway, Boho the Beach offers a limited number of cabins, for more secluded and exclusive access to the stunning beach.

Location: Obhur, Az Zomorod District, Jeddah.
Instagram: bohothebeach

People come from all over Jeddah just for the famous tacos at the Resort’s Kaktos Pan-Asian International Restaurant!

narcissus-resort-and-spa-1Narcissus Resort and Spa

With cabins overlooking the Red Sea, the Narcissus Resort and Spa boasts villas with private pools or jacuzzis and direct access to the sandy beach.

Location: Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Street, Obhur Al- Shamaliyah, Jeddah
Instagram: narcissushotel

Narcissus is home to the largest spa in Jeddah and is fully equipped with separate services for men and women.

The Cabin Life in JeddahMovenpick Al Nawras Jeddah

These villas are set on the Red Sea, on an island connecting to the mainland. These modern and spacious cabins include kitchenettes as well private pools surrounded by the sea.

Location:  North Cornish Road Beside Al Nawras Square, Jeddah

Every afternoon has a chocolate hour, where the resort serves mouth-watering chocolate to all guests!

2020122712250192332Lagoona Campsite – KAEC

With a total of 20 tents available, Lagoona Campsite is an alternative resort option nestled in the King Abdulaziz Economic City that offers a Bedouin-like campsite.

Location: King Abdulaziz Economic City

The sea is directly opposite the campsite, with beach amenities close by

Oceana Resort – KAEC

With the beach constantly available to you, the Oceana Resort in King Abdulaziz Economic City gives you luxury accommodation inspired by Andalusian architecture.

Location:   King Abdulaziz Economic City
Instagram:   oceanaresort.kaec

Two types of villas are available, each with its own unique decor and aesthetic


Gazelle Resort – TAIF

A resort set on the side of the glorious Al Shafa mountain, the villas all boast a private pool and outdoor seating areas that create a magical experience.

Location:     Al Shafa, Taif
Instagram gazelle_res


The Wooden Resort – TAIF

The Wooden Resort consists of several log cabin villas overlooking Taif from its mountain heights. Each with its own private pool, garden, and aesthetic balconies.

Location:     King Adbullah Road, Taif
Instagram:    wooden_resort


Habitas Al Ula – ALULA

An eco-friendly option in the midst of the Al Ula grounds lies Habitas Al Ula, which allows you to experience the luxury of glamping with an opportunity to truly appreciate nature.

Location:      Ashar Valley, Al Ula
Instagram:    habitasalula

Habitas Al Ula boasts programs that accommodate art, culture, and wellness for an experience-based stay.

272297199_2891556204469164_984800296186386722_n-copySahary Al Ula Resort – ALULA

The rooms at the Sahary Al Ula Resort are set in spacious tents that are elegantly decorated, with amenities making it a perfect place to explore.

Location:       The Moatadal Area, Al Ula
Instagram:    sahary_resort

With 80 rooms in the resort, each room has its own private terrace that overlooks the Al Ula hills.


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